Quequ'un M'a Dit

Ah sweet pleasures in life. Time to just simply sit down and blog without having to just put up some pictures and write a haphazard brief of what I did today. It's nice to slow down for a second. I feel that this is the time of year for just sitting and admiring the world. Today we had a class outside because it was such a lovely day. I loved just sitting in the sun and playing with the beautiful leaves.Lauren and I kept some of our favourites and put them in our books to find one day.

This outfit was very different this morning. I really wanted to wear my panda hat, but my hair just would not go right, but it was too late in the hair-process to not wear a hat, so I settled for this little black one. I also had shorts on this morning originally. I love this skirt but the zip is broken (it separates itself when you get past a certain point) so I tried to hide it with my belt!! I have a pair of shorts with a faulty zip too but I did some swift googling and should get it sorted with the help of some pliers, which a lovely girl in my class is lending me!!

The title is two-fold. First of all, I think I look a bit French today. Do I? Is that just wishful thinking? And also, if you know me well you'll probably know (500) Days of Summer is one of my favourite films, and I wanted to honour that with the title of the French song on the soundtrack. I don't really go for soundtracks really (except the Sweeney Todd soundtrack, which I love), but music is just such a big part of 500 Days. I'm listening to the soundtrack right now. It instantly makes me happy. My now-dead fish were called Summer and Tom :]]

I like this outfit, although I think it makes me look a lot more curvy that I actually like to think that I am!! I adore both this skirt and top, but I've never worn them together. Both were bargains too!! In fact, my shoes are from Target so this was a very cheap outfit!! I had my aviator jacket on earlier but it was just too warm. Plus I had that awkward thing where you wear a slightly sticky-out skirt that's high-waisted with a longer jacket and it just looks...odd. I like cropped jackets best- I love anything high-waisted!!

(something about red lipstick makes me pout like hell!!) 

YAY my mum messaged me earlier and said my box of clothes from home is on its way!! yay yay yay!! I'm excited!! I can't wait to basically get a new wardrobe of all my own clothes!! I'm excited to have choice again. I know I talked about the greatness of having a small wardrobe, but after a couple of weeks you do start feeling restricted. It's definitely coming at the right time!!

top- select skirt- primark belt- new look? socks- ? shoes- target pearls-topshop hat- ? owl- gift

I am also excited today because my parents and I were skyping earlier (which makes me happy in general!!) and we were talking about my 21st Birthday and booking flights!! They're coming over here for the first couple of days (I'm trying to convince them that we should spend a day in the cities so they can see Mall Of America...) and then we're off the NYC!! I've never been to New York- I'm so unbelievably excited!! It's going to be THE BEST birthday ever!!

I hope you're all having a lovely day :]]]

Charlotte xxx


  1. This outfit is a stunner- love, love, love the lipstick!

  2. I'm loving the beret! Red lips are always great, too. Looking good!

  3. Super cute :) I love your hair even though I'd never have the guts to do it!!!

  4. Yayy for matching shoes!! :D

  5. Super outfit. I think the belt really adds a lot.

  6. You look gorgeous! And instantly recognized the title of this post. Now that the sun is back out in NYC I've been playing the (500) Days soundtrack on repeat. Another soundtrack I recommend is Garden State, or if you like classical music now and then, Pride & Prejudice. Can't wait to hear what you think about New York!

  7. do u have any more photos of u in black socks cus i need ips for black socks


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