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I generally hate to write advice pieces. I mean, what gives me the right to tell you what to do? Why do I think I know more than anyone else about how to live your life? But I had a really productive morning so I thought I would share my advice with you. Whether you want it or not.

I am a creature of habit. Once I get into a routine I am fine, but it takes me a long time to make something routine. I also have the problem of my five-year-old child attention span, which proves to be a problem at times. I like to be productive, but I get distracted easily, despite my good intentions.

But today I was organized. I decided last night I would get up at 7 and go to the gym and get my homework done in the morning so I felt good for the rest of the day.
And shockingly, I did it.
I was in the gym at 7.20am, home by 8.30am, and I had done all my homework before 10am. Yay.
I am now free to get on with my day.

Mondays are a bitch, don't get me wrong.
After a lazy weekend, or indeed a busy one, no-one wants to get back to the grind.
But how you start your Monday can define the rest of your week.
Here are my tips for having a productive Monday, which may lead to a productive week.

1. Don't leave everything til the last minute
I am always guilty of this one. I should have finished Hamlet and my feminism reading yesterday but I watched Gossip Girl instead. Fail.

2. But if you're going to leave things to the last minute, make time to do them
My brain was saturated by yesterday afternoon, so I planned to get up early this morning to get everything done without having to worry.

3. Get up earlier
Give yourself more time in your day

4.... but don't waste your early start procrastinating
I get up at 8am every day even when I don't have class til 11am. I usually spend this time procrastinating, and then feel tired and droopy in the afternoon. Sometimes an extra hour in bed may prove more productive later in the day.

5. Your week starts on a Sunday night
If you want a productive Monday, you have to work things out the night before. Set your alarm early, get everything ready for the morning, and if you're super-organized, make your lunch for the next day and keep it in the fridge. I made a huge batch of soup yesterday to save me wasting time cooking when I'm busy.

6. Do something that makes you feel good early
Today I went to the gym. Okay, I was exhausted after, but now after a shower and getting ready, I feel ready to face the day. It's great to know I've done so much before my first class.

7. Don't let everything slip by Tuesday
Keep your motivation up every day and before you know it it'll be Friday and you'll be free to do what you want!!

8. Do things you have to do as soon as possible
Get your homework done as soon as you can after it's set, it's one less thing to worry about. Try to get everything done as soon as you can, and if you remember something you have to do but can't do it that minute, write it down for later.

9. Stick to a schedule
Save time to do what you want, but if you know you need to do your homework 5-6 and then you get a break for an hour, you'll feel more motivated to do it.

10. Save time for fun!!
The most important thing of all!!


  1. Hello! Good tips--#8 is one my mom always told me, but I never could seem to do it. I don't procrastinate anymore, but I wish I could do things a bit earlier, too.

    P.S. I'm going to post the outfit pics you took for me SOON. I'm backed up on posts right now, but it'll be up this week! :)

    P.P.S. Remind me of your Wednesday schedule again...otherwise, how's Thursday looking?

  2. Sage advice. Thanks!


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