52 Books: Book Two- Brokeback Mountain

Okay, this book may be considered cheating for two reasons.
1) I had to read it for my literature into film class and
2) It's only 54 pages long.
But I am still counting it as a book because it came in book form!!

While my housemate Steph and I can fight like cat and dog over this, I hate to read a book after already having seen the film. I hate to read a book knowing what happened, and I especially hate it when the film is so damn good, and so closely-sticking to the book that I don't feel I gain anything by reading the book. Such was the case with this. I had the same problem with Reqiuem for a Dream, one of my favourite films. The book was great but literally no different to the film at all, so I felt that I already knew what was going to happen.

I did enjoy Brokeback Mountain but I feel I would have enjoyed it more if I hadn't seen the film. I think I will be interesting to discuss in class and it was a good read. I'd recommend it if you haven't seen the film, but if you have it isn't really worth it!!

Next book: Money-Martin Amis.


  1. I agree I would always like to read the book before seeing the film. I think it's important to use your imagination when reading and that's harder to do if you've seen a film from the book. A big example is Lord of the Rings I am so glad I read the book first, because you really need your imagination for this book. And btw I totally recommend it.

  2. I've actually avoiding reading this book because I've seen the film. I'm exactly the same as you I want to read the book and really enjoy it and then watch the film at somepoint. But I haven't seen the film in YEARS so I think it's about time I got round to reading this!

    L x
    Half Dressed

  3. Oh! I just read this and found the prose so achingly beautiful.


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