The Shopping Forecast

This is a little plug for another site I work for that I think a lot of people would be interested in.

Sometimes you need a wardrobe update and just aren't sure what you want. What trends are in style right now? What trends are going to last into next year? Are they appropriate for work and play? Where do you go to find out the answers to these questions?

The Shopping Forecast defines itself as the following:

For women who like to anticipate fashion trends, The Shopping Forecast offers a unique forum to see, share, vote and comment on next season’s lines. Registration is free and allows the user to design their own online wardrobe, and to vote for a chance to win their favorite item.

The Shopping Forecast aims to create a 'fashion democracy' by providing a link between the buyers of fashion (you), and professional store fashion buyers. Your votes signal what you would like to see in the more puff ball skirts!

The Shopping Forecast is not a shop. We only seek to aggregate information to carry out fashion trend profiles for next season. No personal information is ever shared with third parties (see privacy policy). An overview of our trend findings, is provided in our free monthly newsletter.

The Shopping Forecast, shaping next seasons fashions, today!

In short, The Shopping Forecast is the place to go to find out what will be in style next season, and to decide yourself!! The Style Council (and I'm one of them!!) choose their favourite pieces in various categories (shoes, outwear, dresses etc.) and you, the readers, vote on what you think of their selections. We try to pick pieces that are wearable, affordable and stylish. We want your votes!!
You can click the link below to see my selections for this season- and you might even win your favourite item!! Just click onto the site, join and get voting!!
I hope you like my choices- I know I do!!

Charlotte xxx


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