Running in Heels

I wish I could be the kind of girl who can wear heels in the day time.
There are a lot of things I love about day-time heels. First of all, they just scream sophistication, especially when you're at university. The girl who wears heels may get stared at, but I assure you they are stares of admiration and jealousy.
Second of all, they can make any outfit. Even jeans and a tshirt look much sexier with heels.
And thirdly, they do wonders for those of us blessed with short, stumpy legs. Thanks, genes.

But while today I enjoyed clomping around in my booties (seriously, there's a reason why I'm a good tap dancer and an awful ballet dancer, for a fairly small person I am the heaviest footed person known to man), I realised there are several things I need to work on before I can become a heels-in-the-daytime person.

First of all, speed. I am a very impatient person (hence why I'm getting my 21st present for Christmas, 3 months early), and I just cannot move quickly enough in heels. They slow me down and it's frustrating.

Second of all, of course, pain. My feet do not like heels one little bit. After a while, it is like my entire foot in on fire. Even bits of my feet I didn't know existed.

Thirdly, I only have three pairs of heels here with me :[[ Versatile as the are, I'm not sure if I could only wear three pairs of shoes for the next few months. Which leads to my fourth point...

There probably won't be many days left now where the ground is now heavily coated with snow. Today I found out that heels + mud was a bad combination, god knows what heels + snow and ice would mean.

This outfit was a bit of a revelation really. I've been stressing out about my lack of warm clothes for winter (the first day of snow nearly led to a meltdown, excuse the pun), but I found that I can really just throw a jumper over what I would normally wear and wah-la, winter chic. Obviously this is not going to be especially helpful when I'm knee-deep in snow (I have an actual fear of waking up one day and the snow being taller than I am), but for now, this work. My mum is working on sending my warm snuggly things soon. Yay :]]]

I am also getting really into the belts-over-jumpers thing. It makes me happy. I love my high-waisted clothes and am reluctant to surrender them in the cold, but bulky jumpers don't fit in as well to a fitted waistband. This solves the problem entirely. I suspect I shall be rocking this trend into next year.

I apologise for the crappy greyscale-ness by the way. I am currently photoshopless and GIMP's lack of Actions, Exclusion layers and general awsomeness upsets me greatly.

tutu skirt- new look jumper- new look shoes- charity shop belt- primark

I know outfit posts have been few and far between recently now it's getting cold here, but I promise I will get at least two a week up, come rain or shine!! I now have 42 followers, which means so much to me, and I have also doubled the numbers of viewers from September to October so thank you!!

I have had some excitement recently too. I had an email on Tuesday from a local magazine here in Duluth who said they'd read my column in the Statesman and want to take me on as website writer!! How exciting is that!! Talking of writing too, I have a new post up over at College Fashion :]]]

I'm dressing up as Sue Sylvester for Halloween tonight. I have a striped tracksuit and a blonde short wig and I just need to make a megaphone from a card board box!! I dressed up last night too- I went to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show for the Statesman, which was super weird but SO much fun!! I wore these shoes with fishnets and an strapless LBD- I don't think I've ever looked more like a hooker in my life!! It was a good laugh though!!

Right, off to work on my Shakespeare paper and make a megaphone!!
Have a fantastic night if you're out for Halloween!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. These heels look gorgeous! I am so with you though, I'm not a day time heel wearer either. My feet just can't cope. I'd love to be though, maybe it's time to train my feet.

    L x
    Half Dressed

  2. oh i do love your shoes!!! i totally agree with you, heels just kill my feet after a few hours. I love your tutu skirt, it is so cute and the sweater looks so great belted over top!!

  3. super amazing pictures you have here :)

  4. What a cute B&W outfit!:D

    Happy Halloween!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  5. Lovely photos, I love your style. I wish I could wear heels more too for the same reasons, I do love the sophistication of them.
    Great idea for a Halloween costume by the way, she is kinda scary.

  6. Hiya, I've just discovered your blog and think its great! I must have just read every post you've done for the last month, some fab photos and lovely fashion sense!(Note to Charlotte's parents - please buy her the SLR, i want to see more beautiful pics lol!)
    I totally know what you mean about the heels in day time, i just bought some wedge heel boots off ebay but they turned out to be sooo high, when I wore them to uni my feet nearly died!
    Look forward to reading & seeing more from you and your cool adventure in the US!
    x x x - check it out & follow?!

  7. Thanks so much for your comment as usual my dear! Oh if I was you I would be craving fish and chips so badly too haha!
    I completely agree with you about heels, I would love to wear them every day, and I always think of outfits they would look so nice with, but I just can't get anywhere in them =D
    Also, I think I have this same skirt as you, and I never thought if an outfit like this!! So I'm thinking I might steal your idea as inspiration if that's ok and do an outfit like that today?! And if you don't mind can I use one of your pictures for my blog to show where I got the idea??
    Sian xx


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