An Appeal to Other Bloggers-Clothing Swap Request

Bloggers across the world unite- I have a request.
I was speaking to Modcloth today and they gave the fantastic idea of getting a group of bloggers together (just like the Delightful Dozen) and holding a clothes swap. By that I mean we post dresses/skirts/tops/jackets to each other to style up in our own unique ways, and then ship them back.
This is not longer-term separation.
There are a few other bloggers out there who I am thinking of asking directly to get involved, but if you want to get in touch with me about doing this, I think it would be really fun and inspiration for all of us.
Now obviously, sizes will be an issue.
I am generally a UK size 10 (occasionally a 12 on bottom), or a US size 6. I am 5'5" tall.
I am a UK size 6 shoe and a US size 8.5
Although it will obviously be easier to do this within just the US, I'd really like to get any other British bloggers involved in doing this.
Please, please drop me an email if you're interested (
This will be really fun and great promotion for our blogs, and hey, Modcloth might even get involved.
Even if you are bigger or smaller than me or the other people who get involved, I think we could make this work.
Whether you're a big or small blogger, just starting out or long-term blogger, I don't mind. Whether your style is similar to mine or completely different, I'd love to hear from you.

This could be really fun, just take the plunge :]]]

Charlote xxx


  1. Hey, I'd be interested in doing this, I'm about the same size, sometimes a UK size 8 though. My email address is: if you want to get back to me about it?
    Oh I'm following you now by the way!

  2. I'd love to in!
    I'm usually a UK size 8 (US 6 i think...) but i have no problem with wearing clothes that are a little bigger. And i am a UK size 7 in shoes (US 9.5)
    So send me a email on if anyones is interested.

  3. oh i think this sounds like so much fun!!! i will send you a email like nowish lol

  4. Oh my goodness! I'd love to be involved, although I might have to think about it a little! I'm not sure I'd have anything fun to send around. :)

  5. How fun! I'm the same size-- shoes and all-- with the exception of height!

    Thanks to Elizabeth from PrettyniftyThriftyFashion for email me about this!

  6. I've love to get involved! I love your style. My e-mail is beach_xc(at)yahoo(dot)com I would love to hear from you.

  7. I'm definitely interested in this! I'm British, but I live in South Korea. Maybe that's too much of a mission? I'd love to work with you though, Charlotte! Turi from ModCloth sent me your link. I interned there as a writer last summer.

    Hope you're enjoying the US!


  8. This sounds like a great idea, but I'm not sure if I'd have the time and such to commit. Talk to me in a year when I'm done with high school, haha!

  9. I'd love to do that! my email is

  10. I'm interested in doing it, though I'm worried since I'm a little larger than you (I'm 5'7ish and usually wear between a US 9 or 11 on bottom). How would it all work (shipping, etc.)? Sounds like fun though--let me know :D

  11. Hi,

    I'd love to get involved in this. I have seen delightful dozen happen and it was amazing. I live in Toronto, Canada though. Will that be OK? And I'll send you an email right now with more details.

    Love from Toronto, Canada

  12. Hi, I love this idea :)

    I'm based in NZ so a wee way away - but it would provide variety!!

    I sent you an email

    Thanks Stel


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