Top 5 Coats and Jackets for Winter

Back in March I did a post on Five Jackets You Need for Spring, and recently I've had a couple of (including one from Rosie) requests for a Autumn/Winter edition. I love jackets and coats; I think they cane really complete and outfit, plus they keep you extra warm!!
Jackets and coats are always going to be popular this time a year, but coats in particular are an investment piece; I personally buy a new coat every other winter, so it's important for me to find one that will last two years, both in terms of quality and trend. 
My favourite jackets this year fall into 5 categories; Military Coat/Jacket, Classic Trench, Aviator, Fur Coat and Bright Coat. A couple of these were on my Spring list, but I just think they are year-round staples and everyone should have them.
Here are my picks of the best coats and how to wear them.

Military Coat

from l-r 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8

Military jackets have been everywhere the last few months; they're cute, stylish and comfortable. I would advise more towards a simple, double breasted coat if you want something that will be in style for another couple of winters, but if you have money to burn, buy a cheap military coat for this winter, and invest in a simpler style for future winters. I have a gorgeous little black military coat from Primark. It was cheap but it'll be out of style soon so I'm glad I didn't pay a lot for it!!

How to wear a military coat

I can't actually remember why I have two outfits for with the military coat, but hey, they're different coats so it's all good!! In the first outfit I've played up the military feel with these shorts and kept a navy and white theme through the outfit. I love navy and brown together, hence the accessories. The second outfit is also really fun. I love bright tights especially with a black coat, and these boots are divine!!

The Classic Trench

clockwise from top left 1/2/3/4/5/6

Yes, trench coats were featured in my last jackets post, but doesn't that just tell you how versatile they are, hmm? I personally have a navy blue one but I love the look of a classic, Burberry-esque trench. This Top Shop one is my favourite. As with military coats, go wild with bright colours and embellished designs if you don't want it to last forever; if you want a few years out of it stick to neutrals like beige, black, brown, navy and grey, and if you can afford it, invest in a decent quality trench.

Trench Coat Outfit

Trench coats are not the warmest of winter coats, but they are perfect for the transition from summer to autumn. They're also perfect for layering over the little summer dresses you can't bear to let go of yet- just add black tights and layer up with a cardigan. Simple!!

Faux Fur Coat

clockwise from top left 1/2/3/4/5/6

Granted, faux fur isn't for everyone. One of the worst problems with it is people assuming it's real (as if I could afford that!!) and judging you for it. Guys, I don't eat meat, would I really wear real fur? I actually have the bottom left coat, as you can see here. I begged and begged for it until I got it for Christmas last year. It's so warm and I can't help feeling sophisticated in it!!

Fur Coat outfit

A fur coat kinda speaks for itself, so I've kept this outfit really simple. You'll only be able to see the leggings and shoes under the coat. But take off the coat and the outfit is still cute and exciting. Be careful your legs are too decorated in a fur coat; the look is classy but needs to avoid being over the top.

Aviator Jacket

clockwise from top left: 1/2/3/4/5

Come on, what's not to love? It's warm, it's furry, it's sexy it has a kinda androgynous look.. it's perfect for autumn!! Mine is the bottom right one which I wore here. I'll soon be swapping my day-to-day black leather jacket for this bad boy!! 

Aviator Jacket outfit.

My general advice with an aviator jacket is to wear it as you would a regular leather jacket- in my case, with everything!! I absolutely adore this lacy top, and I feel that it works with the androgynous, edgy look of the jacket. These booties are adorable too!!

Bright Coat

clockwise from top left: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7

Aaaah bright coats- what winter was made for!! I have a gorgeous bright pink one, which has caused me to be known as The Girl With the Pink Hair and Pink Coat. I love wearing it over anything for a splash of bright fun. I would advise to invest in a bright coloured winter coat- it will last forever!!

Bright Coat Outfit(s)

Again, no idea why there are two outfits, but hey, they're really different. In the first one I've played up the bright coat with bright accessories- I love mustard and red together. In the second outfit I've let the coat really stand out with simple accessories and lots of lovely layering.

So, was that helpful? Are you going to go out coat shopping RIGHT THIS MINUTE?
I hope so :]]]
I have my bright coats coming this week (thanks to ebay I have a blue one and a yellow one coming, both £20 each!!), and my mum is sending my trench and fur coats from home. My aviator jacket and military coat are here, being worn as it starts turning towards a cold Minnesotan winter!!
Any more requests for features you'd like me to do? I really enjoy doing these kinds of thing, so just drop me a comment or email with any fashion problems you would like tackling!!

Have a fabulous rest-of-weekend!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. i want a faux fur coat so so so bad!!! i wasn't really into that trend until i tryed one on at a vintage store and just feel in love. It was to short on me (blast you long torso) but i have been dying to find one ever since. I cannot wait to see your leopard print one!! I LOVE all of the other coats as well :)

  2. ooo im with you! i have a faux fur coat from last season that I'm so excited to keep using. Looove the aviator jackets - that might be next on my list:)

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