Bloggers: what do you wear on non-blogging days?

I was thinking today about the artificiality of fashion blogs. Okay, maybe that is the wrong word. But like facebook and other social media, we portray an image of ourselves that we want the world to see. An image that reflects us how we want to be seen.
Don't get me wrong, I love blogging and I love other people's blogs even more. It's such great inspiration, and much less artificial than many of the other ways we experience fashion- magazines, catwalks, mannequins. But I always wonder if a lot of these people really dress like this every day.
For example, I am a creature of habit. I have talked about this before. I have a series of routines that I like to adhere to. One of which is the days when I wash my hair. You might have noticed, I have pink hair. This does not last very long at the vibrancy I like. So I cut my hair washing down from every day to every other day. This is a necessity, but it makes me feel pretty gross on my non-wash days.
Anyway, Sunday is always a non-wash day. I would never consider an outfit post on a Sunday. My Sundays are reserved for homework and the gym quite exclusively. But of course, I still wear clothes, I just don't feature them.
Does that make my blog unrealistic? That I don't feature my outfits every single day of the week?
And the truth is, I do dress differently on non-blogging days. I often take the freedom to wear an outfit I've already demonstrated on my blog (do any other bloggers find it difficult to not repeat outfits? with a small wardrobe over here I certainly do, especially outfits that I love!!) or just can't-be-bothered-outfits, at the moment that's just jeans, boots and a jumper. I do still try to be both stylish and fashionable, but I feel these outfits aren't especially noteworthy.
And I've noticed other bloggers do something I do to- try to avoid "wasting" nice outfits on days they know there isn't an opportunity for an outfit post. I admit, I make much more of an effort on the days that I know I want to take photos. Is that artificial?
I know many bloggers who just exude effortlessness, and others, like myself, feel we have to try a little harder. I am not effortless, and neither is my style. So while, yes, I do wear the things I demonstrate on my blog in my real life, not just for photos, I guess I don't wear them every day. But like I said, part of this is because I simply don't have time to take outfit pictures, upload them, edit them and write a post every day, so I fall back on simple or already-worn outfits on the days when I know I can't blog.
So bloggers, what do you wear on the days you can't take photos? Are you always fabulous? Am I the only blogger who has off-days of unwashed hair and a need for comfort and security over style?
I'd be really interested in hear your opinions on this.

Charlotte xxx


  1. I try to take an outfit shot every day!

  2. I only post outfit photos when i'm feeling cute/not working. I have several jobs all of which either have uniforms or require clothes for working out. I teach sailing which has a uniform shirt, but because of the cold they are very lax about the dress code, but i don't dress up for it as I'm working out on the water, same goes for the ice cream store and the cross country coaching. I personally think that having "off days" makes you seem more human. But that's just my opinion.


  3. I pretty much wear the same stuff. The only difference is that, as a lot of my blog is based around my shoes, if the shoes have been used before I sometimes don't do pics. I don't, however, do shots of me sitting watching the x factor in my pjs on a Sunday evening. maybe I should ;-)

  4. stunning.
    because my health is complicated, my opinions are completely different.
    one of my closest friends loves dressing up. people are rather mean to her at school and don't get why she dresses up so much 'just' for school. she loves dressing up and it's just for herself. amazing really
    x enter my giveaway?

  5. I know exactly where you are coming from, yes I have non-washed hair days that would not make for nice photos, and there are days when I just wear jeans and tee like today. I dont think I misinterpret my style on my blog because I have days I dress down, thats just life, you cant be 100% on all the time

  6. Hmm. I perhaps wear more "creative" outfits on days I know I'm going to take pictures of them. I try to dress decent every day though. Really, it's more of a footwear issue with me. If you took a look at my blog, you'd think I wore heels everywhere. That's not the case. I wear a lot of flat boots on my "off" days, and even if I do wear heels, I keep a pair of flat shoes in my car in case my feet start to hurt.

  7. Heya, thanks for your comments! This post really made me think so I hope you don't mind, head over to my new post where i linked up your blog & gave my 'answer'!
    I'm not actually from Manchester, i'm a southerner, shock horror! Just at uni here for 2 years, living in victoria park area near currymile/rusholme! I love it so much more than my little home town, the shops and bars are fab, where do you like to go out? Actually heres my home now really as my parents sold our house and moved to Oz, so I'm a real northerner now!
    Oh, do you know any good charity shops, thats the one thing about here, loads of 'vintage' in northern quarter etc but i think they're a bit over priced, i'd love a little british heart foundation or whatever!?
    x x x

  8. Hopefully this isn't to shocking but I am kind of a complete slob around the house. I know i have read a lot of bloggers refuse to wear sweatpants even just around the house but i love mine as long as absolutely no one can see me in them of course :). When i leave the house to go out my outfits are what i wear on my blog or something i have worn on there before. I don't think this misrepresents my style, i will freely admit i like my loungey very unstylish clothes but i wouldn't be caught dead out in public wearing them. I am so klutzy it isn't safe for me to wear a cute sweater for fear of spilling something on it (this is from experience)!! But because i take photos of the outfits i wear when i venture out into the world i think my blog reflects my style. Everything i wear on there is a item i like/love and have probably rummaged through racks of clothes at a thrift store to find. It is just way to hard to dress up at home all of time!!

  9. Okay, get ready for a long comment. I only really dress myself on certain day. I go to school 3 days a week, and I always put lots of effort in on those days. I work thursday through sunday at a coffee shop, which requires a uniform and a visor which effectively ruins my hair so that i HAVE to wash it. So, unless i'm planning on doing something after work, I usually just come home and put pajamas on right away. having a blog has made me better at actually get dressed when I'm staying in, but since I don't live in a place with lots of people (like a dorm) I don't feel the need to get dressed up to sit around the house. which can be pretty sad.

    on days when I get dressed to sit around the house or do a couple things, i dress pretty much the same as for school. the only way I let myself go out in sweatpants is if I have an appointment really early in the morning.

    I don't think that it makes our blogs false as long as we actually wore that outfit that day. if you put something on to take pictures, then take it off right after because you don't feel it's wearable in real life, then I think that is kind of fake.

    and also, the post i just did where you said you liked my hair: i haven't washed it today! i just used tons of dry shampoo, and i usually only wash my hair every second day because im trying to grow it.

    okay, ill shut up now. :) i liked this post alot

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