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I have a confession to make, today was the first day I actually felt cold. Streaming eyes, drippy nose kind of cold. Should-have-worn-gloves cold. And it's making me very sad and worried. I feel very sartorially unprepared for the impending winter. Even though my new coats came today.

I'm getting desperate for warm, wollen knits, cosy jumper dresses and all kinda of warm accessories. My winter-weather clothing hasn't been updated for several years now. All my jumpers are getting a bit bobbly and old, and I'm just a bit bored of my winter things!! I find winter very restricting. I have one faithful soft cotton dress that I wear with everything but other than that I'm stuck!! I'm starting on a lovely winter wish list though!! I tried on a gorgeous pair of tan high-heeled lace up shoe boots with a little furry trim yesterday. I kinda wish I'd bought them but they were $70 :[[

This was my attempt at slightly wintery dressing. I loved the jumpers and cardigans belted over skirts and dresses in the Louis Vuitton and Prada ad campaigns this season, but I'm not quite sure if I can pull it off!! This jumper is an old favourite- it's at least 3 years old. I have a similar one with thunderbolts on. I love to wear slightly ironic nerdy jumpers.

I did potentially one of the stupidest things I have ever done today. I was exhausted after this weekend (which I will write about asap!! I have some fab photos!!) and went to bed at 9.30pm last night, setting my alarm for 7 so I could go to the gym before class. I woke up (thankfully, because my dream was really scary :[[[), got up, did my makeup and was just making some toast when I checked my watch. 6.15am. Why did my watch say 6.15am? Had it stopped? Had I changed it wrong yesterday? Then it hit me, my phone (which my alarm is on) was still set on Canadian time, which was an hour in front. I ended up just waiting for the gym to open and went extra early!! To make matters worse though, my 11am class was cancelled so I was up for 7 hours before I had class!!

Despite getting up early and having a bit of a wasted morning, I've actually had a really good day. I went into the library after I'd gotten ready after the gym and worked on one of my papers, and then I had time to take photos, speak to one of my best friends and my parents and then in my Literature into Film class we watched The Godfather. I finished the book last week and it was just amazing. I'm really enjoying the film so far!! Literature into Film is probably one of my favourite classes; it's really really good fun. We're doing Brokeback Mountain soon and I can't wait!!

jumper- H&M skirt- top shop belt- dorothy perkins leather jacket- H&M boots- love label

I was really proud of myself today because I got 97% on my Literature into Film exam!! I'm really happy with my grades so far over here- I think I worked out I've dropped 8 marks so far in total on all my assessments. I've had 100% in 3 pieces of work so far!! Anyway, I was going to buy myself a coffee, but then I decided to treat myself to a book. I bought One Day by David Nicholls. Ellen was reading it in Europe and I've heard great things about it. Plus I'm feeling serious withdrawal symptoms after finished The Godfather. I'm going to try to read as much as I can this year, mainly because I never get time to read at home for pleasure, because my workload is always so insane. I have so many books at home though that I think I'm going to get my mum to post me some at a time and then I'll post them back when I'm done :]]

I think I'm going to have an evening curled up with my new book!!

Have a lovely day,

Charlotte xxx


  1. What a sexy-edgy outfit!:D

    I like the pink sweater.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. Thank you so much for your comments my dear! I'm loving this pink jumper, it looks great with the skirt and especially the belt, it just makes it that little bit different =)
    Eurgh I felt so cold like that too yesterday, and I had to wait more than half an hour for a bus at 6pm so I wasn't happy haha!
    Those boots you tried on sound lovely! I've been trying to find some like that but they're all really expensive, but yesterday I ordered some flat lace up ones because all the flat ones are slightly cheaper (and I'm dangerous in heels =D)

    Sian xx


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