Love, Lust and Links

I know I always forget to update this regularly, but when I do it is really fun :]]
I'll try to keep up in future!!

1. Having a lazy day
I know I wrote just a few days ago about how I hate to dress for comfort but today is the day of rest!! I've had my post-gym shower and am now in my University of Birmingham Dance Society sweatpants, oversized Mulberry tshirt (thanks Rosie!!), Minnesota-Duluth hoodie and my glasses (which are actually Miu Miu- how do I look this bad wearing two designer pieces?!) for an afternoon of homework. This kind of clothing is okay for me when I have no intention of leaving the house!!

2. Endless cups of tea

Despite not having a kettle I am still getting my five-a-day; cups of tea that is!! I'm on my second of the day, but I'm pretty sure I'd had 5 by midday yesterday. I am a true British stereotype in this respect. Tea for me is warmth, comfort and home.

3. Anything snuggly and warm
I am desperate for some lovely warm jumpers and scarves. Yesstyle, my new favourite website, has 50 pages of knitwear. Heaven!! I just need a few lovely snuggly cable knit jumper dresses and a couple of snoods and I'm good to go, oh and these babies..

4. These snow boots

Turns out that I am definitely going to need a pair of snow boots, and I think these are about as cute as they come. Pink, houndstooth- I'm there.

5. My dad cheering me up

Today I was feeling really down and fed up, and my dad told me that today him and my mum were in John Lewis and he changed every single iPad so that my blog was up on their Safari. He said it's his new thing now whenever he sees a computer to put my blog up. He hopes someone famous might see it, awwh!!

6. Making grand plans for the future
Lauren and I are feeling fed up so we've decided to hit up our list of things we wanted to do when we first came here. I'm hoping a trip to the aquarium is on the cards, maybe the zoo, and most excitingly, a trip to Minneapolis!!

7. DSLRs

My parents started to have a look around today for my future camera. We're looking at the Canon D500 or the D5050, if anyone has any advice I'd love to hear it!!

8. Shearling boots
These are the boots that I fell in love with last weekend and massively regret not buying!! I wrote a post of shearling boots today over at The Fashion Buzz. They just look so cosy and stylish- I love the tan ones!! I'm hoping to get a cheap alternative from somewhere like New Look though. I know I should be saving my pennies for something snuggly.

9. Reading 
You might have been keeping up with my 52 books in 52 weeks, and I'm so happy to be getting back into reading. Snuggled up with a cup of tea and a book= heaven.

10. Girly nights in
Last night we had a girly sleepover; wine, pizza and girly films. I am a massively girly girl. I get on with boys and I have several male friends, but there's nothing I love more than a good girly gossip. We did get invaded by boys at 2am though which was... interesting to say the least!! I think my roommate is probably going to kill me after the noise they made!! Love you boys :]]

11. Every College Girl
If you haven't already checked this site out, go have a look now!! The lovely Kayleigh is a fellow intern at College Fashion with me, and her site is so much fun. Everything a college girl need to know is on this site and I've definitely learnt a lot from it!!

12. Getting packages
Thank you to everyone who has sent me lovely packages this week. I love getting letters and parcels, which usually contain the two things I miss most about home- gravy and Cadbury's chocolate!! I promise to reply soon with nice American things :]]

13. Love your body day
The lovely Ashley did a great post interviewing several bloggers (including myself) on Love Your Body Day. I was so glad to be included in such a fantastic celebration!!

14. The Clothes Swap being underway!!
The Clothes Swap I've been organizing is looking well underway- I'm hoping to post off my first item tomorrow!! I can't wait to see what the other stylish bloggers come up with!! I'm hoping to do a little piece on each of the girls in the swap. There's about 15 of us involved!! Thank you so much for all your support- it looks like it's going to be a lot of fun!!

15. Casual Chic
I loved my casual converse-and-skinny-trousers outfit yesterday so I may wear it again tomorrow and take some photos. I love a day being all dressed up but something feels so sexy about looking like you just threw everything on haphazardly. I wish I could be one of the girls who can do that though. Even my casual outfits are meticulously planned!!

What is making you smile this week? Let me know in the comments!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. That's a great idea changing all the computers to your blog.
    I love my cups of tea.

  2. You're dad is possibly the sweetest Dad EVER! Bless him putting up your blog everywhere it's so lovely! I actually 'aww'd' when I read that!!

    L x

  3. you have the best dad ever!!! :D so so cute :D and I love tea too, haha

    if you have some spare time, drop by my blog!

  4. oh my god your dad is awesome!! that is the cutest thing ever and what a good idea lol i love my tea to i always make a huge pot and drink it all when i am studying!!

  5. I LOVE TEA!!!

    And I think you've inspired me to start reading again. If only I could find the time...

  6. Days full of endless cups of tea are my favorite. <3


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