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I have a feeling that this outfit was one of those where it looked great in my head, great when I stood in certain positions, but just didn't really work in day to day life. I dunno, I was inspired by a shoot in Cosmo a few months ago and I'm not sure if it's just too editorial for real life!!

Yet again, these photos were taken by the gorgeous Ashley. It was really windy when we took the photos so a lot of them didn't make the cut ( I just can't pull off windswept hair!!), but her new camera is amazing and I'm insanely jealous. I'm asking me parents for her exact camera for Christmas!!

Yesterday was really fun. I was really tired and felt awful after the gym, but Lauren, Kait and I were going shopping so I managed to get the strength up to hit the mall!! Kait wanted a dress for a wedding she's going to this weekend and after a few hours searching we found one!! I also managed to get my Halloween costume (I'm going as Sue from Glee) and another little something which I'll show you in my next post :]]]

I don't know what it is but shopping here just depresses me. I'm really sorry for offending like, all of America, but God your shops suck. They really do. Okay we don't have a H&M or a Forever 21 or an Urban Outfitters nearby, but shopping just makes me really disappointed. Nothing makes me squeal or get excited. I miss the high street. I miss Top Shop, I miss Miss Selfridge, I miss New Look. My mum sent a box of my clothes from home yesterday (see next post :]]]) and it made me miss the shops at home even more. Okay, I'll probably save a lot of money from not-shopping, but I get really sad browsing online or reading British magazines. Being over here makes me realise how real all the stereotypes of the UK are. Good ones, I mean. Like great shopping, polite people. Americans may be friendly, but they are rude. At least in my experience.

coat- primark skirt- new look vest top (underneath)- new look boots- cheap shoe shop bangles- dorothy perkins

You'llbe glad to know everything is looking good for the clothes swap too!! I have a couple of people interested in donating clothes and there's almost 15 girls wanting to get involved!! I'm going to send an email out probably tomorrow (I'm going to Canada this weekend!!) because I want to get it all started really soon before it gets too cold here in Minnesota. Postage has been super-slow lately too!! I'm really excited though, thank you for all your support :]]
I also have over 30 followers now!! Must be time for a giveaway :]]] Watch this space :]]]

Well I'd better go make some coffee and go to class!! Don't forget to Ask Me a Question for my About Me page!!
I should have a photography post coming later if I get all my articles written and homework done.
Also- Happy Birthday to Jenny Niebel!! She's 21 today!! We've been best friends since we were 12 so I'm really sad I can't be there, but I hope she likes this shout :]]]
Have an awesome day :]]]

Charlotte xxx


  1. I love the outfit. I think you can totally pull it off.

  2. oh i love your boots!!! and skirt and jacket !! the pictures look awesome!! i find the shops were i live in Canada to be just awful, we don't even have Forever 21 in most places. It is all jeans, hoodies and plaid shirts... in every store. New trends take about five years to come in (still have trouble finding high waisted skirts here) i think that is why i turned to thrift shopping so much. the uk stores always look so amazing!!

  3. Wow, I love this!! I don't think it's too editorial at all! I wish I could pull off something like this. You're coat is great. Oh, and I agree with you about Americans being rude. My apologies. Also, I hope you find better shopping outside of MN- maybe when you come visit New York? :)

  4. great outfit, i really love the skirt and your hair!!
    sucks about the shops though, i always thought shopping in America would be much better! how about thrift shopping?
    also fab blog - you've got another new follower :) x

  5. For what I usually see on a college campus ,the outfit's on the dressy side but personally i LOVE it. :) you look amazing, I especially like the contrast of the coat and the skirt. :).

  6. I love this look - the contrasts of the boots and the jacket to the skirt are fantastic! That's so annoying about shops, I think I would hate to be away from my English shops too =(


  7. Great outfit I love the jacket. The pictures looks really great :)

    L x
    Half Dressed

  8. lovely outfit :) adore the contrast!!

  9. Eeek, I love this Charlotte! Especially those boots. And about the shopping.... you're staying in MINNESOTA. Kind of in the middle of nowhere, sweetie. Come to Seattle :D

  10. oh, i love this look . particularly the way in which you have styled these soft, femine skirt with a more masculine jacket and military-esque boots .
    fabulous .

    do feel free to check out/ follow 'betsie' at:


  11. I absolutely love these photos! You look gorgeous in them :) And can that outfit be more perfect? Such a great combination!

  12. I just came across your blog & wanted to say hi! I think this outfit is adorable!! Love the white skirt with the military jacket! Cute cute!


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