in England, we call it Autumn

I bought this skirt (and another!!) from this amazing little ebay shop, The Kissing Tree Vintage. They're both a little bit too small but with the right styling I think they look okay!! They really inspired me to create a completely autumn-themed outfit. As did these tights, which I bought at weekend. I love coloured tights, especially at this time of year, and I just fell in love with this reddy-maroon pair- even though they look much more purple on the pictures!!

I ended up taking over 200 pictures for this outfit post!! I had one of those photoshoots where you're pretty sure that every single picture is awful so you end up taking about a million!! I was quite impressed that there were a few that I liked in the end. Sometimes I absolutely hate taking outfit photos, but I love outfit posts and I love demonstrating what I've been wearing. I was thinking of writing a list of things I hate about being a style blogger. Followed by a list of things I love, of course!!

I seem to have gone from bored to so-much-work-to-do-I-don't-know-how-I'll-get-it-all-done in about 2 days. I was bored and sulky and homesick over the weekend, but now I'm so busy I don't have time to be homesick!! But it's my best friend Steph's birthday today so I feel pretty rubbish that I'm missing it. Steph, I hope you're reading this- happy birthday!! I'm also gutted because after a year of waiting The Apprentice has started again!! I hope I can get hold of a link to watch it over here!!

How cute is my little owl? Lauren bought him for me as a present when she went to Mall of America. I'm hoping to get chance to go over the next few weeks- I'm excited!! I'm missing the British High Street and all my favourite shops at home :[[[ I'm going to go wild at Christmas I'm sure!!

If you like to read any of the other wonderful thing that I write (:PP) then my weekly column is up here. I've a bit worried about offending people this week- I've written about my hatred for sweatpants. For the newspaper of a university where sweatpants are every day attire. Eek!!

tshirt- ragstock skirt- kissing tree vintage cardigan- H&M tights- savers necklace- gift bangles- dorothy perkins belt- dorothy perkins boots- barrats 

I wish I had some more interesting things to say, but unfortunately I have an article to write, the rest of Hamlet to finish, an essay to sort out and a paper proposal to think about this evening!!

Hope you're having a lovely day!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. What an amazing skirt! It looks great with those tights.

  2. This is a cute outfit, perfect for autumn!:D I also like your background/location, I wish we had that in Los Angeles but that's impossible!:D

    Good luck with all your schoolwork and I am your newest follower!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  3. This is exactly the outfit I'd wear if I had all these things in my closet. I am falling in love even more every day with the bold way you mix colours, very much like myself.

    I have a very deep rooted dislike for sweat pants too, think they should be worn only when you're doing something that should induce ahem...sweat. :) But it's almost the uniform in University of Toronto, so yeah....

    Good luck with the reading and essays dear.

    Love from Toronto, Canada

  4. what a pretty skirt (isn't ebay just great), i love the print so much and the colour of your cardigan is gorgeous!! you mix the bold colours so well, i would love to find a pair of burgundy tights, i think i wear to much black!!

  5. Cuteeee and I think I also really like your boots! I want to see them in person!

    Hope you're doing well, my apologies about this week! I think my crazy amounts of hand washing, hand sanitizer, Vitamin C, Zinc, and green tea have stopped my sickness in its tracks, so I should be great next week! Next week is really busy though...are you going to the job fair on Wednesday? I guess it would be kind of pointless for you to go since you don't live here, but whatever.

  6. I love your yellow cardigan! I hate sweatpants, too, yet I wore a pair earlier this week on some errands. Oops... Hope you're enjoying your time up North!



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