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In case you haven't been catching up on Vogue/Marie Claire/Glamour/Fashion Week, trousers are back. I've never really been a big fan of trousers, or bottoms in general. I am a strictly skirts, shorts and dresses girl. I very occasionally do wear jeans, but so occasionally that people often exclaim "are you actually wearing trousers?" Or in America they say "are you actually wearing pants?" or in one situation "do you ever wear pants?!". At first this question confused me, until I turned on my internal US to UK translator. Funnily enough we do call trousers pants up North, but I still can't quite get used to it over here.

I decided a few months ago that I would like a pair of nice, skinny black trousers. The kind of trouser that is not a million miles away from jeans, but also not living next door. Something about wearing trousers (see now I want to say pants, but this is a purely Northern thing, I am not becoming American just yet) feels slightly more sophisticated, slightly more thought-through than jeans. They don't feel thrown on, they feel thought about. And these little H&M babies were exactly what I was after. Simple and stylish, but also comfortable and easy. Jeans without the denim.

I wore this outfit on Saturday and decided I really liked it and wanted to take photos of it. It's the kind of thing I imagine Fearne Cotton wearing; slightly androgynous, and one part smart, one part punky and fun. This tshirt has seen my blog on several occasions now. What can I say? It makes me happy and I always think I might attract a lovely geeky boy while wearing it. No such luck so far though. This blazer is surprisingly warm too. It's not a cold day here today but it's not warm. It's kinda grey and foggy but strangely refreshing!! I wish it would stay like this for a while :[[

I love this kind of outfit because I feel it lets me question my own style. I usually consider myself very girly and feminine, with a little rocker edge, but this is completely different, but I still feel me. I like to dress down like this sometimes, but I feel the blazer and trousers instead of jeans keeps it looking smart. I still feel stylish and I still made an effort. I just love the fact that I have rediscovered my converse too. I hadn't worn converse for about 2 years until a few weeks ago and now I love that laid back, slightly punky edge they give everything.

I don't think it looks too bad in these photos but god does my hair look awful today!! My straighteners didn't heat up properly this morning so I'm all frizzy and kinda frazzled. I really can't afford for them to break on me now!! My parents have been looking at camera today so new GHDs are out of the question and my current focus in on warm clothing and snow boots so I don't die. God I miss having a job!!

Ahh Blogger is deciding to hate me right now, in fact it's probably just my laptop. We've had words the last few days!! It keeps dying on me for NO REASON, generally in the middle of something important.
Speaking of important, I sent my work experience letters to Glamour, Vogue and Grazia today. Eeek. I'm hopefully going to be okay for work ex. this summer due to the alarming number of people my parents seem to know in journalism!! I'm hoping to get a couple of weeks this summer and then try for more over Christmas and Easter next year- by which point I'll be applying for my masters- eek!!

trousers- H&M blazer- Charlotte Russe tshirt- David and Goliath converse- ebay

I've just noticed my trousers looks kinda blue on these photos. I assure you they are black!!
How do you dress when you want to look casual, but not too casual? What are your laid-back staples? I'd love to hear from you :]]]
I should have another outfit post in the next few days so keep checking back :]]]

Charlotte xxx


  1. I absolutely loved your outfit in these photos, it's really put together but in a laid back sense. Keep the outfit posts coming! :)

  2. oh i love this outfit!! and you would totally get the cute nerdy guy in this (i am picturing Seth off of the O.C), i love your pink converse shoes


  3. oh my god i am so sorry i think i hit the space button with my elbow and it made the comment huge!! i can be so klutzy sometimes!!

  4. You look really cute and those pants fit you well.:D

    ***** Marie *****


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