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wow, these photos came out badly!!
I still haven't mastered the art of taking my out outfit pictures with the DSLR, and just as I was started to get somewhere, it started to rain.
I then couldn't get the camera to work properly again when I got inside, so it ended up with my standard point and shoot, bad lighting and a white wall.
I'm really disappointed today because I love this outfit.
My inspiration tends to come to me late at night, and this one came to be just as I was sleeping. The leopard scarf was an added extra.
I was so happy when I put this together. I'm not sure if black shorts would've been better for this time of year but I thought, oh what the heck, I can wear black all I want in a few weeks times!!
Maybe I should wear this again soon and take some better photos.
The lighting and background is just awful, and for some reason almost every photo was blurred somewhere.
It was like something out of The Ring.

I'd just like to say thank you for all the lovely comments you guys have posted on my last few posts- it really means a lot to me, thank you!! Just to know that people are reading my blog and actually care about what I have to say means an awful lot. So thank you!!

top- top shop  shorts- miss selfridge cardigan- H&M boots- love label scarf- TK Maxx

Tonight Lauren and I are getting chinese takeaway and then going to a concert, and then tomorrow we're taking some photos for our friend Laura and then hitting the mall, and then a party in the evening!! Oh yes, we're busy girls, but it's all good!!
I have so much writing to do though- I have two articles due this weekend and loads of other writing to do, including for here!! I have a few people who I need to mention and write about, and a couple of responses to ideas before have left me in the comments to attend to!!

What are you up to this weekend? Anything exciting? I'd love to hear about it :]]] I think I might do a few features on some of my favourite bloggers over the next few weeks. I'm really happy that I was featured in a post over at Pretty Nifty Thrifty. It's a fantastic blog and you should definitely go over and read it!!

I absolutely promise better photos really soon!! I'm going to persevere with the SLR!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. Love the outfit, I love the colour of your cardy. Cameras are such tricky things, I'm sure you'll get the hand of it soon :) The featured blogger thing sounds like a good idea, they always seems quite popular on other blog. :)

    L x

  2. I so much love this otufit!~ <3 The cardigan is so pretty and I love the black tights with your shorts. :)

  3. Love the vintage look of the shorts and the color palette.


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