Style Challenge: Day Five

For the next week I am doing a Style Challenge where I wear the same pair of shorts every day for a week. This is Day Five, and you can find Day One, Day Two, Day Three and Day Four hereherehere and here :]] Keep checking back here for the rest of the week to see what else I come up with!!

Wow, I can't believe my style challenge is almost over!! This morning I got out a tonne of things to try with these shorts, so I'm kinda sad that it's almost over. I may wear these shorts on Sunday depending on how I feel, but Sunday is usually my lazy day and I barely get out of my gym clothes or pajamas. Either way, I'm going to wear these again tomorrow and then in a different, more going-out-y way on Saturday night because I'm going out for a friend's birthday and I think it'll be fun to style these up for the evening too. Especially as they will go perfectly with my far-too-high clogs!!

I put this outfit on and then thought, wait a second, I think I've worn something like this before!! And indeed, I was correct!! I wore almost this exact same outfit here!! I suppose it either proves my style is constant or that I am lacking in creativity!!

I'm quite excited for this weekend actually. I still have a lot of homework to do, as well as read my next book for my 52 Books in 52 Weeks Challenge but I'm getting my hair done this afternoon after class (eeek!!) and then tonight I'm going out for dinner with a few friends, tomorrow I'm going to the zoo for a class assignment (yay!!) and then Saturday night I'm going out for Laura's birthday which should be lots of fun!! Then Sunday, my usual homework day!!

camel shorts- H&M
blue top- Top Shop
cardigan- H&M
tights- H&M
boots- barratts
scarf- TK Maxx

I'm really enjoying this challenge so far, I'm looking forward to writing about what I've learnt when I've finished. It's definitely been an eye-opening experience!!

I hope you're having a lovely day :]]] See you tomorrow for Day Six!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. Such a clean palette. Loving this Style Challenge!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. Love the shorts and the mustard coloured cardy!
    visit me:

  3. babes, you are inspirational. I wish all my friendies were stylish like yoo - mine wear SWEATPANTS and stuff. I can barely even type that. kissys xoxoxox

  4. I love love love the yellow cardigan and the leopard print scarf! The outfit looks really cute and casual :)

  5. oh i love the yellow cardigan with the leopard print!!i can't wait to see your dressy outfit with the shorts!!


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