Style Challenge: Day Two

So today is Day two of the Style Challenge (well, technically it's Day One because I didn't know I was doing this yesterday, but hey), wearing the same pair of shorts every day for a week.

So yesterday I wore these shorts with a long sleeved brown top and a fur gilet but I wasn't sure about my light brown tights. Today I decided to wear dark brown tights, which I think go much better with these boots, and this animal print top (which I adore!!). I love animal print (I wrote a post on it for College Fashion) and I love the mix of safri-style camel shorts with leopard.

I think I prefer this outfit to yesterday, but I'm both excited and nervous about the next week wearing these same shorts every day!! I have a few ideas of how else to wear them but it's kinda intimidating!! Any ideas on how I could wear them? I liked Amber's comment yesterday about adding a pop of colour- I might do that tomorrow!!

shorts- H&M
 leopard print top- H&M
 brown tights- H&M
 boots- forever 21
 necklace- forever 21
 cardigan- new look

Keep watching tomorrow to see what I come up these for these shorts!!

I added my yellow coat, although it was far too warm inside for my coat. The lady in the show told me that it brightened up her day though, which made me very happy. I've done my good deal for the day!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. I love this!! I would never wear something like this, but it looks so chic on you! Good luck with the rest of your week :)

  2. i want those boots!!

  3. I'm liking those shorts (good choice to wear for a straight week). Funny that you chose shorts and it's practically winter (although it certainly doesn't feel like it today)! Also, leopard print = love.

  4. awesome blouse! Oh and I sent that cardigan over to you today!

  5. Now you have me wondering if I could pull off a similar challenge.

    Your outfits so far are super cute!

  6. oh i love the leopard print!!! the camel shorts were such a good item for the challenge!!

  7. i´ve got the same top but i always wear it as a dress. it looks cute with pants. maybe i should try it. thanks ;)

  8. I really love those shorts, they really suit you =D Good choice to wear for the week! Those boots are really awesome too my dear =)
    Sian xx

  9. ahh leopard. every time i see it i love it more and more. cute outfit it suits you a lot.
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  10. love love the leopard print!! and your boots are awesome!


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