Love, Lust and Links

I am excited about the clocks going back tomorrow so I get an extra hour in bed so I've decided to write this now :]]]

1. College Candy's "Letter to my Freshman Self" is really cute. It's kinda like my letter to my eighteen-year-old self, so I feel special :]]]
2. Scarves
mmm warmth. I bought three today- my winter wardrobe is set!!
3. Winter Wardrobe
I shall document my purchases tomorrow, but put it this way, I spent a lot but I got a lot. Think cosy knits, scarves, shearling boots and more tights than you can shake a stick at!!
4. Flask
Yesterday I had the horrible problem of just-made-a-cup-of-tea-and-I-have-to-leave-now-and-it's-too-hot-to-drink. Enter flask. 
5. New friends
I had a lovely day with Whitney today shopping and a lovely "road trip" with Kaitlin yesterday. I love acquaintances becoming friends!! Especially when you're still fairly new in town and the whole place is still kinda strange.
6. An extra hour in bed!!
I have a busy day planned tomorrow but I'm excited to be able to stay up and hour later tonight and still get lots of lovely, refreshing sleep!!
7. Craft Show
I went to such a lovely little craft show yesterday for my journalism article. It was in a lady's house and entire place was covered in home-made cushions and knits and amazing home-made fudge. Yum!!
8. Mall Of America

It's big, it's amazing, and it really does have a theme park inside. And the one thing I love almost as much as shopping is rollercoasters. It's what my heaven looks like!!

9. Forever 21
I knew it was going to be amazing. I didn't know I'd spent 2 hours and $200 in there. I can't wait for the one in Birmingham!!

10. Being productive
While I still have to revise for my midterm tomorrow and finish off my papers, I did manage to get pretty much all three of my assignments done this week!!

11. Successful Shopping Trips
I love coming home from a shopping trip satisfied that I got (almost!!) everything I wanted!! I hate shopping with no motivation and I was worried because we travelled such a long way to get to the Mall Of America. I'm so glad it wasn't a wasted trip.

12. Mexican Food
Since I've been here, all I want to eat is Mexican Food. Okay, that's a lie. In life in general, all I want to eat is Mexican food. Today I had Chipotle for the first time. It was delicious, but not as nice as my mum's fajiats!!

13. Putting down my feminism homework in favour of Cosmo
Oh, the irony.

14. The Clothes Swap
I am defintiely, DEFINTIELY sending my items on Monday!! I can't wait!!

15. MTV Style Blog
Being featured was a dream come true. Thank you, MTV.

16. Lanvin for H&M

Is anyone else as obsessed as I am? This yellow dress is the perfect Christmas party dress, and I am also obsessed with the tulle-and-ribbon tshirt. Amazing. A few people have complained about the price, but I think £100 for a designer dress is an unbelievable bargain.

17. Carey Mulligan

The gorgeous actress is Harper's Bazaar Dressed Best Woman 2010.  Fantastic choice- Carey is stunning!!

18. My favourite links of the week :]]]
This post is fab on how to become more fabulous. As if we need the advice!!
Independent Fashion Bloggers shows us 5 sites to improve writing skills
Every College Girl teaches us how to be better dressers
This post is fantastic advice on taking outfit photos, and which camera and lenses to use. Perfect for me as a future DSLR owner!!
And if you fancy a giggle, me, aged 17. I rediscovered my old Myspace. I took myself very seriously back then.

As you can see.

More tomorrow, although as it's already nearly midnight here I think it's kinda later on today really!! But I will post later on my purchases and trip to MOA!!

Charlotte xxx


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