Style Challenge: Day Seven

For all this week I have been doing a Style Challenge where I wear the same pair of shorts every day for a week. This is Day Seven, the finale, and you can the previous days here: 
Day One, Day Two, Day Three, Day Four, Day Five, Day Six, Day Six Point Five.

I think I have sufficiently bombarded you with updates today so I'll keep this one short and sweet. I'll do a full conclusion of the week (maybe even with a collage of all eight outfits...), plus an outfit (remember? I'm doing 30 outfits in 30 days!!) and Love, Lust and Links tomorrow!!

Are we all very sad to say goodbye to the shorts? I am sad but definitely excited to wear something else tomorrow!! Also- I have no intention of leaving the house today so these shoes are for display purposes only. My feet would without a doubt freeze in these in the snow!!

shorts- H&M
plaid shirt- New Look
vest top- Top Shop
cardigan (and button)- Top Shop
pumps- New Look
necklace- Forever 21

I hadn't really thought of wearing them with a plaid shirt- it must be the Midwest rubbing off on me!! I found this pairing on Thursday when I pulled out all my tops to see what would work and I really liked this combination. Plus, it's perfect for a lazy Sunday!!

Bye shorts!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. I think this outfit was my favourite of all of them. It's so relaxed and looks incredibly comfy. Kudos to you for doing this challenge, I think I'd go bananas!

  2. aww this one's definitely my favorite of the week!

  3. I have that shirt too but it looks so awesome on you and crappola on me!
    Loved seeing how you wear your shorts this week hun, now get them in for a good wash!

    Rosie xxxx

  4. Those tights and little sneakers are SO SEXY! This is becoming one of my favorite looks!! Hope to see more of these little sneakers in the future. Please?


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