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You may have noticed, but I absolutely love to shop online. I get it from my mum, I think, who would always open the Next catalogue and order dozen of things and then pick and choose the items she wanted when they arrived and then send the rest back. I've always thought of it as a great way to shop. Most of the time there's just more of a selection and there's no waiting in line to try things on or battling against the snow and the rain to get there in the first place. You can shop any time of day from anywhere!!

But I also love to find little indie boutiques online. There's nothing cooler than knowing you own something that is almost completely unique. Or at least, you know you're pretty unlikely to see anyone else wearing it in the street!! This is why I was so happy to find Button N Thread Boutique

The site is based in Australia and prides itself on being "Simple and Affordable". Sounds perfect to me, who likes to look stylish without breaking the bank

Naturally, I went straight for the dresses. My favourites are:

Barbie Bow Dress

Deep V Ruffle Dress

Round Back Long Sleeved Dress

Zara Long sleeved Dress 

And in the skirts, I love the Checkered Black and White skirt- perfect with tights and boots for winter!!

The site is currently offering FREE SHIPPING to all Australia, New Zealand and Singapore customers and all members will enjoy FREE accessories, FREE gift wrapping and special offers on some great products.
This offer is available until 31th December 2010 to celebrate Christmas and their anniversary.

I hope you go check out the site, it has some gorgeous clothes for an even more gorgeous price. And those of you in Australia, Singapore and New Zealand? Well you have no excuse!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. can't wait to see the first pictures when you'll get the camera
    Good luck Happy birthday and ahah Merry Christmas

  2. i love online shopping too, i think for me its more about waking up to lots of parcels through the post :D
    the first two dresses are gorgeous x

  3. I love that black and white skirt! Looks gorgeous. Its quite well priced too :)

    I don't do a lot of online shopping, I am always too nervous that things won't fit me. But I spend a lot of time looking!

  4. Online shopping is the best!
    when the package comes . . . is like Christmas!
    and unwrapping . . . is like a happy pills!
    that barbie dress is too adorable!


  5. I'm from Australia and had no idea about this wonderful site! Thanks for sharing :)

    I love the Barbie Bow Dress!



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