Love, Lust and Links

Wow, it feels like yesterday I wrote my last one of these!! Mainly links today because I've found some good ones this week. And I'm lazyyyy :]]]

1. How to read your google analytics
This post is fantastic for people like me who have no idea what their results on Google Analytics mean!!

2. Plaid Remix
A great post here by Rebecca of The Clothes Horse on how she remixed the same plaid dress. I found this really inspiring for wearing my clothes in new ways.

3. Red Lipstick

It just makes me feel sexy and sophisticated. Although probably not when I get it everywhere. I also just love this picture!! The minute I did it I was like, this has to be documented.

4. New Friends
I have met so many fantastic people the last couple of days and they need to know how awesome they are!! The last few days have been so much fun!!

5. How to dress for cold weather
Thank you SO much to Sally from Already Pretty for this post. She lives in Minnesota too so she definitely knows what she's talking about. This post is going to be my bible for the next few months!!

6. Only having two days of class this week
Yayyyy :]]] My classes on Wednesday have both been cancelled so I can go home with Kait on Tuesday night now :]]

7. AOL teaches us how to be happy
And who doesn't want to know that? Have a look here :]]]

8. Realising more things I forgot from this post
How could I forget free refills and separate bills in restaurants? And free salad and breadsticks at Olive Garden?

9. Is this the modern teenage girl?
I know it's the Mail and they love to cause drama, but seriously?

10. Insight into guys thanks to College Candy
Why guys do what they do.

11. A guide to shopping on Etsy
I've always wanted to shop on Etsy but didn't really understand it. This post explains everything you need to know!!

12. Amazingly stupid questions
Today I was asked "so, did you learn English before you came here? What language do they speak in England?"

13. The Christmas Parade
Okay, I would have enjoyed it more if I could have felt my toes, but it was festive!!

14. The fact that I don't have anything in my "Lust" category this week
I definitely cannot afford to keep shopping the way I do!! But I do want a trip to Savers and TJ Maxx for some bargains!!

15. My Chemical Romance
Okay, if you knew me aged 16 you will appreciate how excited I am about a) the new album (which I have pre-ordered on Amazon for tomorrow) and b) the possibility of going to see them for the fourth time with Laura in April!!

16. My parents moving my flight forward a day
I am so happy to be coming home on the 23rd instead of the 24th. I was not enjoying the thought of being grounchy and jetlagged on Christmas Eve.

17. Three new followers yesterday
Hi, new people!! I hope you're having fun around here!!

18. My Toy Story Plaster

We watched Toy Story 3 last night and Michelle was desperate to use one of her Toy Story plasters. I had a burn on my wrist from about a week about which was healing, but now I think it's going to heal much faster!!

19. Being excited about growing my hair
I just wish it would grow faster now!!

20. Four and a Half Weeks until I come home
And I am so ready for Christmas at home with my family. Just to get Thanksgiving, a million papers and finals out of the way!!

What are you loving this week?

Charlotte xxx


  1. Google Analytics is confusing, thanks for the link.

  2. I cannot believe someone asked you if you had to learn English before you came to America. That is absolutely hysterical. Did she realize what she had said?

  3. Just came across your blog, really cute! Love this post:)


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