Dedicated Follower of Fashion- Daily Outfit- Day One

The idea of a Daily Outfit post both appeals to me and troubles me. At the moment, I don't really have enough time to go off and take my usual 100 pictures, choose 15 and then edit them and put the on here, so it does kinda work for me just to take a couple. But at the same time, they don't look as good when I just take a few half-arsed photos inside. I remember when I only used to take inside photos. I can't stand them now.
So I feel every day photos might make my blog look less good because the quality won't be as good, nor will there be as many. I'm also worried it will stop me from actually going out and taking photos.
Maybe I'll just have to save some time each day to take good every day outfit photos.
I don't know.
I may not stick to this.
But for today, I did take some photos.

I loved this outfit this morning, but throughout the day I've wondered whether I should've worn different coloured tights (and may well do tomorrow). I'm always a little nervous of mixing neutrals, but I did a quick lookbook search this morning for camel and all the cool kids are mixing camel and black and grey, so I thought I'd give it a go.

One thing that makes me laugh is the number of trends in this outfit- shearling, hiking boots, camel, faux fur... I guess I really do follow trends!! I wore my aviator jacket too initially but it was boiling inside UMD today so I've pretty much been carrying it. Plus the photos with the jacket in look awful!!

camel shorts- H&M brown top- H&M fur gilet- mum's wardrobe boots- Forever 21 tights- H&M necklace- Forever 21

I'm not going to warble on too much because I have SO much homework to do (but I am hoping it will all be over by Friday!!) but I just want to say a huge thank you because I have now hit 50 Followers!! Giveaway soon, I promise :]]]

Again, I apologise that the quality of these pictures suck. I'll try harder tomorrow :]]]

Charlotte xx


  1. GND,
    I love your fashionable insight and your outfit choices. For me, and I guess for you too, it's like showing your soul to the world.

    Mine's khaki. peace out girlie, xoxoxo

  2. oh i love your boots!! and the camel shorts look awesome!! for some reason i can't do outfit photos inside they just look terrible but you take lovely ones :)

  3. I love the shorts! and the necklace!

  4. I like the combo of neutrals here but a pop of color might be nice too

  5. Hey I'm a big fan. I love you styles! I've just bought this amazing Jack Wills gillet. I've been looking for something in camel but I was thinking maybe some socks; can you recommend any quality retailers?
    Lots of love
    CT xxooxo


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