Style Challege: Can I wear the same item of clothing every day for a week?

I mentioned yesterday that I have decided to take on a "take a picture of your outfit every day" challenge, but yesterday I was offered up another challenge that operates quite well in conjunction with that. This idea is from Daniella, one of my wonderful friends from home

IDEA FOR YOUR BLOG (may be procrastinating). wear a one thing every day for a week in a different way. I've seen people do it but its been boring so do it do it do it do it please

At first I thought, hmmm I'm already doing one style challenge, maybe I should wait until this one is over to keep people interested. But then I thought, hey, what the hell. I initially thought to just do a simple black dress and layer over and under, but then I thought that's kinda boring and it's all been done before.
So I decided on the camel shorts I bought at weekend...

Rules of The Style Challenge are as follows:
1. The same shorts are to be worn every day from Monday to Saturday (sorry guys, but Sunday is a day of rest- especially for style bloggers!! I don't think these shorts would go well with my pajamas)
2. The outfit every day must be slightly different, even if that means only a cardigan change or tights change. The outfit must look significantly different.
3. A picture of the outfit must be posted every day.
4. No outfits can be repeated through the week.
5. Only items in my own wardrobe can be used for the challenge.
6. The outfit must be worn for the duration of the day, not just for photos.

Yesterday I wore them with a long sleeved brown top, light brown tights, shearling boots and a brown gilet:

Day One:

Stay tuned for my post later on to see how I'm wearing them today!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. Nice idea, looking forward to seeing how you wear them today.

    L x
    Half Dressed


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