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Taking photos outside is starting to take its toll. It's starting to get far too cold to be going outside without a coat. I'm not sure what the alternative is yet though. I absolutely hate taking photos inside- they always look so awful and grainy :[[ Any ideas?

I absolutely love these photos though. I took them at 9am this morning because I knew it'd be dark by the time I did everything I had to do today so the sunlight was just gorgeous. I'm hoping I can deal with the cold for another couple of weeks. Sometimes, like today, I have to wear an outfit I really like and really want to photograph to force me to do it!!

I threw my gorgeous fur coat over the top of this too. I forget sometimes how much I love it. It makes me feel so classy. It's just so fabulous!! I will probably do shoot this week of just me in my lovely coat in the snow. At least that'll be a warm shoot!!

Today has been a pretty good day!! My To-Do list seems to be like running on a treadmill- as soon as I cross something off I have to add something else on!! I have a paper to do over the weekend but I've started the planning so it shouldn't be too bad, a lot of reading, my paper proposal for my second Shakespeare paper and a write up on my first journalism interview which I've just done now!! I met two lovely girls, Michelle and Grace through somebody on facebook because I'm writing a feature story for journalism on vegetarian students and options here at UMD and I was put in touch with them to interview. We got on so well!! I hope they agree anyway!! They studied in Birmingham last year so we bonded over the differences and our experiences. I'm hoping we can hang out this weekend. Thank you, Ashley, for introducing us!!

I always seem to be hunting for bigger and better things that I already have. I have been looking for a new fur gilet for ages, but this one is actually pretty good. I always think it's a bit too short, but it's probably nicer and more versatile than a longer one. Plus I've never found a longer one that I like, except this one. which is on my Christmas list. I love it because it's like a furry cardigan!!

dress- Top Shop
belt- Top Shop
gilet- stolen from Mum (borrowed!!)
boots- Forever 21
necklace- Forever 21

Can you believe it's only 5 weeks until Christmas? I can't wait to come home!! My parents have managed to move my flight forward a day because I finish exams on the 21st and initially wasn't going to be flying home until the 23rd, but they've managed to move it to the afternoon of the 22nd. I'm so happy!! My that point I'm going to be so desperate to get home!! And I'm already completely in the Christmas spirit!! I'm so excited to go to Kait's for Thanksgiving next week :]]] That means the holidays are coming!!

Have a fabulous day, and if you haven't already, don't forget to enter my giveaway!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. I absolutely adore your boots! So cute! <3

  2. Awesome outfit! I love the floral with the brown. I have a lot of black in my closet, but not too much brown...

    Yeah, major props to us for actually going outside in this horrid weather and taking pictures! I know it's going to get colder after Christmas and there's seriously no way we can go out then...I still haven't tried shooting indoors. Bah.

    Sorry we haven't really gotten together much lately (or at all, I suppose)! Everything's happening all at once, and my to-do list is similar: it never freaking ends. I'm glad you're here next semester too, when things should simmer down for me and I'll have more time to do creative stuff (like shooting your outfits!)!

  3. pretty dress, love the colours. and i want your boots
    Scrapbook de la Emma


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