Style Challenge: Day Three

For the next week I am doing a Style Challenge where I wear the same pair of shorts every day for a week. This is Day three, and you can find Day One and Day Two here and here :]] Keep checking back here for the rest of the week to see what else I come up with!!

I have a midterm tomorrow so I have to go study for it, so here is a quick look at what I'm wearing today...

shorts- H&M
black top- H&M
snood- Forever 21
leather jacket- H&M

This is definitely a challenge. I think I have an idea about what I'm going to wear tomorrow but I have no idea after that!! I love the look of camel and leather on the catwalk so I thought I'd give that a go today. Again, I'm sorry the quality of these pictures is so bad. I promise once this midterm is over I'll be back to taking my time taking photos, editing them and actually taking them outside again. I hate inside pictures!!

Amber left a comment on my Day One outfit saying she wanted bit of colour, and I'd seen camel and red everywhere and really wanted to try it. Unfortunately, for years I boycotted anything red because I felt it would clash with my hair. But at weekend I bought this lovely snood so I thought it would be perfect!!

Check back tomorrow to see how I style these shorts for the fourth time!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. oh i love the red scarf!! i hope the studying is going well!!

  2. I love this challenge that you've issued yourself! Fashion is all about being creative and I find it so interesting and fun when bloggers put constaints on themselves to increase their creativity :) I'm going to be following because I can't wait to see the next three looks! Hope you'll visit my blog, too!

  3. Those shorts are a defining piece! well done sister,represent!


  4. Looove the chunky scarf.

    P.S. I love your blog! Following you. :)

  5. i love your shorts! shorts with tights is such a cool style. also that scarf is fabulous :)


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