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Oh I thought about taking these inside, but LOOK HOW PRETTY. Okay, I was bloody freezing being outside without a coat (as I pointed out to my dad, it's pretty hard to take photos of what you're wearing when you have a coat on) but these photos are SO worth it. Plus I told myself no matter how bad they were, they're going up. I may get pneumonia over the next few weeks, but it's a price I'll willing to pay.

Well this is the first item in our clothing swap and was sent to me by the lovely Amber. It's a gorgeous little silky cardigan from Forever 21. She also sent me a lovely little home-made card which I loved!! This cardigan is going to a few other people in the swap so I'm really excited to see how they wear it!! This is how Amber wore it, and you can see more here.

I have to admit, this cardigan was a bit of a challenge!! It's pretty cold here in Duluth, Minnesota and I didn't want to block the lovely cardigan by layering over it. So I did what any fashionista would do- manned up and was cold!! I actually really like this outfit. I was initially going to go for black tights, then I contemplated coloured, but then I decided white would be fab, and I really wanted to try the socks with the tights. I love that I blended into the snow!! I almost grey-scaled these pictures but then realised I don't really need to- everything except my hair and my skin is black and white anyway!!

Ooh I have good news!! You know the midterm I thought I'd done horribly in? Well, I got a B+!! I was 3 marks off an A!! I am unbelievably happy, because normally I tend to think exams are okay and don't worry too much about them. I work hard and usually reap the benefits. But in the case of this I worked hard and I struggled and I just didn't think I knew enough, despite hours and hours of studying. I am proud of my grade because I think I truly deserved it. And now I feel so much better about my grades here!! I am so glad my hard work paid off!! And I'm also glad I trusted my instincts.

Today so far is actually going pretty well. I'd been getting worried about finding time to do an activity for my Intercultural Communications class but bright at early at 7.45am this morning a group of us went for breakfast. I decided that even though I don't like pancakes, when in Rome. I wasn't expecting them to be the size of Rome. I was actually embarrassed when she brought them over- they had to each have been about 10" wide!! There were two and they were covered in berries (nom :]]]). I ate about an inch of each and alllll my berries :]]] I'm going to get hold of the photo of them- they were insane!!

cardigan- Amber via the Clothes Swap
skirt- Primark
belt- New Look
top- H&M
tights- Dorothy Perkins
shoes- Target
necklace- Primark

I'm running a little bit over time on my To-Do list, but otherwise doing okay. By the end of tonight I should have another 4 or 5 things ticked off my list for the week, which is making later in the week look less painful. I have one essay due next week and some work to do on my next Journalism assignment. But it's not too bad- my paper is for Literature into Film and it's on The Godfather, which I absolutely loved, both the book and the film (the book was obviously better!!) and my journalism is a feature story assignment. I think I'm going to do about vegetarian food in Duluth- interview a few vegetarian students, the food court and dining centre and a few vegetarian restaurants :]]] I'm hoping it'll be pretty good!!

Ahh I'm so glad to have photos outside again. Even without photoshop they look SO much better and much better quality. I was very cold but it wasn't too bad. I'm definitely going to try to keep taking photos outside. The snow has gone kinda hard now and isn't nice and fresh and crunchy. It's starting to melt a bit on the trees too because this is Saturday's snow still. It makes me feel all festive!! I am so excited for Chistmas already because it means coming home, seeing my friends and family and also because, well, I just love Christmas!! Even the past couple of years I've been too excited to sleep :]]

Also, thank you for all your lovely comments on my post yesterday. I know I shouldn't take criticism to heart and I'm lucky that I rarely get anything negative said over here at my blog, and it is few and far between at the other blogs I write for. Thank you though, I really appreciate it.

Well I'd better be off!! I'm going to send this cardigan off to the next person later in the week so I'll post up how they style it when they're done. I'm also really excited because this dress arrived with Sian and I can't wait to see how she styles it!!

Also stay tuned- I have a giveaway and a guest post planned for this week!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. I adore everything you're wearing here, but the cardi is particularly gorgeous <3 x

  2. Charlotte! This is seriously the cutest thing EVER! I love the matching background too!
    (and it hardly ever snows in Seattle. It's still cold though, haha)

  3. I love this outfit Charlotte!! The white tights work perfectly with it, what a brilliant idea, I would never have thought of that! And the socks look really good too, I'm always a bit apprehensive of putting socks over tights but you pull it off so well you've made me want to do it more often! I'm just preparing a post on your dress, yaaaay!! I'm wearing it right now actually and loving it =DDD I might keep it!! (Haha don't worry I won't!!)
    Sian xx

  4. oh i love it!! The white tights look amazing and I love how they blend into the snow. I cant believe you have snow there already. Thats nuts. I am glad you manned up and took photos outside :), what a beautiful backdrop!

  5. oh the snowy background is so so so pretty!!! i can't believe your have snow there already!! i love how you wore the cardigan, it looks so cute


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