Style Challenge: Day Four

For the next week I am doing a Style Challenge where I wear the same pair of shorts every day for a week. This is Day Four, and you can find Day One and Day Two herehere and here :]] Keep checking back here for the rest of the week to see what else I come up with!!

The camel and red seemed to go down well yesterday, so I thought I'd try it again today. I have a pair of bright red tights but they seemed far too strong with the camel, so I went for these maroony-coloured ones, which actually weren't as warm as I would've liked.

I was initially going to wear this outfit with black tights but I'm glad I wore the red ones. I'm starting to find this experience frustrating, but I'm determined not to give up. It's nice to know at least what I'm wearing on my bottom half every morning, and it is a fantastic way to really get the most out of what is in your wardrobe. If I'd not been doing this I probably would've worn these shorts in a couple of ways and stuck to those without experimenting more. I'm definitely learning a lot about the mileage of my wardrobe.

Today's outfit isn't my favourite, but it is nice and warm and snuggly. I love this jumper even though it's not especially flattering. I don't find jumpers too flattering in general really. Cable knits always look amazing in fashion shoots on stick thin models who can handle the extra padding, but I feel chunky knits can often make you look, well chunky. I think yesterday's outfit is my favourite so far!! I loved everything about it. Oh except the fact that my snood started to unravel a bit...

shorts- H&M
tights- forever 21
boots- barratts
jumper- new look
(I also threw my leather jacket on later on)

In case you're wondering, my midterm didn't go as well as I would have liked. It was much longer than I expected and even before I went in I knew I wasn't ready. I stumbled a lot on the questions, purely out of lack of knowledge. But I've resolved to try harder for the next semester and make much better notes, especially when reading for class. I think I just got a bit lazy in my reading and I'm ready for something to kick me up the bum to get me in gear. I usually need that. I have a tendency to get complacent, or if I feel I don't know enough, ignore it. In college I did awfully in my January AS levels and came out with 3 Ds and a B. It was enough to scare me into getting 4 As in my summer exams.

I'm getting my hair done tomorrow wheeeee!! I'm going to see what they can do with my colour and hope they can get something similar to my pink, and have my cut back to the bob it was originally cut in, like how it is here. Aaah I miss it being that short at the back!!

What do you think of today's outfit? Which has been your favourite so far?
See you tomorrow for outfit five!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. I like this, this might be my favorite!:D I love camel and red together.:D

    ***** Marie *****

  2. I love the red tights!! My favorite thing about tights is that they completely transform an outfit. I think white would have been cute too- chic! But you look great :) Those camel shorts are so chic.

  3. I have to say that I really like the look of those shorts with the red tights - fantastic choice!! :)

  4. love the addition of the red tights, great decision. sorry about your exam, better luck next time


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