Love, Lust and Links

I know it's a few days late- sorry!!

1. Christmas songs
Okay, I don't know how you kids do it in America, but back home Christmas means Wizard, Slade, Band Aid and, my personal favourite, Shakin' Stevens. Thank you, Christmas Song Channel on Youtube. Christmas songs just make me so festive!!

2. Arranging secret santa
I have my people, now I just have to get their gifts. I absolutely love buying people presents so I'm hoping I can get everyone the best possible present!!

3. My first article for Duluth Superior Magazine
I was approached by Duluth Superior Magazine a few weeks ago to be their new online fashion columnist and here I am!! I have a feeling I might have to make some decisions on my writing next year; it is getting pretty hard to keep on top of it all!!

4. The Salmon Salad I just made
Lettuce, black beans, homemade salsa (okay, not by me, but still!!) and Chipotle glazed salmon. Yum!!

5. This outfit:

6. Hunting for something to wear on Christmas day
At home, we have a really traditional Christmas. We get up, open presents and then go to church with my huge, Irish Catholic family. What I wear on Christmas day is always a big deal- it's usually something new that I bought especially for the occasion. I'm on the hunt now for something cute and sophisticated that doesn't look like I'm about to go clubbing.

7. This dress

8. My new laptop
So important is my new laptop, that today when I slipped and fell on the ice, my first thoughts were "shit, my laptop!!"

9. Being brave
I got up the guts to give a guy my number on Sunday. Now that is SO not me. But I loved the buzz of doing something I never thought I'd do. I definitely need to be more brave!!

10. This article
For making me a little bit homesick, but generally really happy.

11. The fact it is December tomorrow!!
22 days til I get my flight home! And when I pick up the box of things my mum sent me tomorrow I will have my advent calendar!!

12. The Clothes Horse Remixes
I love to see how Rebecca has worn the same piece in lots of different ways. So inspiring!!

13. Why your blog sucks
This really made me step back and think about how I can improve this blog. Great advice.

14. And how to become a famous blogger here

15. Her Catwalk
HerCatwalk not only awarded me Honourable Mention in their style contest, but we have something exciting coming up soon together. Watch this space :]]

16. November stats
Well, this month I have received almost double the number of views of October, and nearly four times the stats of September, so thank you so much!! I wouldn't be here without you all, so thank you so much for your constant support!!

17. Taking a photography class
I asked last week about whether I should take a photography class next semester and I've decided I will. Yay!! I think I should be okay sorting out my classes now even though I don't register for another week!!

18. Change
I am already really excited to dye my hair and grow it (I'm thinking of getting my pink dyed dark brown at Christmas and eventually get it bleached blonde when I get up the guts), and I'm also thinking of changing a few things round here too. Girl Next Door Fashion is a year old next month so I'm thinking of sorting out a new layout and a few new features :]]]

What are you loving and lusting over this week?
Also- I extended the deadline on my giveaway (mainly because I forgot about it last week with my laptop drama...) so it's now open until tomorrow night, Midnight GMT-6 :]]

Charlotte xxx


  1. very pretty dress! i love the faux-layering.

  2. Regarding the photo class, you might have to check with the photo teacher/SFA office to get a permission number since you aren't a SFA student.

  3. I love reading your blog- it's one of my new favorites. :) I love that you're being braver and embracing change. I think that's something we all ought to do more often. And ahh Christmas music- the best! 'It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas' by Perry Como is one of my favorites, or The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole.

  4. Ohh Christmas music-I love it so much! Every year I start playing my Pandora Christmas station and it always gets me into the Christmas spirit!

    I always love reading your lists by the way :)

  5. mm... Don't even get me started on Christmas Music.

    By the way, I love your letter to your 18 year old self. I don't remember if my comment went through, but I just reread it and I love it.

    Thank you for the incredible comment on my blog.. You are a doll. Gals like YOU make me glad I started blogging.

  6. Yay congrats on the magazine article! It's really good by the way =) And that dress is really pretty =D I love when you do these lists, you always have really good things on them =)
    Sian xx


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