10 Things I learnt from my first Thanksgiving

Sorry for the lack of updates. I knocked a drink over my laptop on Wednesday and it no longer works, so I'm hoping to get a new one this week. Hope you haven't missed me too much :]]

snicker "salad"

Thanksgiving has been fun. Okay, I knocked a drink over my laptop, squirted a chilli in my eye and accidentally split gravy granules all over my bag. But other than that, it's been pretty awesome. We obviously don't celebrate Thankgiving in the UK so this has been my first experience of the real American holiday. It's very different to anything we have at home, but it's been pretty awesome to experience it first-hand. Here is what I learnt from my first Thanksgiving.

1. It's kind of like Christmas, but without the presents
It's a day of decorating your house, food and family. To me, that says Christmas. I'm definitely much more excited about Christmas now- it's kinda like a preview.

2. Snicker salad is the furthest thing from salad I have ever seen
It is a bowl of Snickers bars, whipped cream and apple. And it's called salad. If that isn't American, I don't know what is.

3. Spending time with other people's family is pretty sweet
I'm an only child, so spending time with a family of 9 was quite an eye opening experience. I've never met a family so big before, but it's definitely a great experience. Very loud, very exciting and very sociable!!

4. But it does make you miss your family more
Being only a few weeks from home has made me more and more homesick. I am so ready to be home now. And it can be hard being with a close family and wishing you were with yours.

5. Sometimes you need a few days to calm down before you burn out
I was definitely getting towards burn out with my homework and writing and other things I had to go. A few days of learning that I can't relax has gotten me completely ready to throw myself into the last few weeks. I find it hard to do nothing, I'm awful at relaxing, but I'm sure it's something I needed.

6. It's kinda like I've seen in films
Lots of eating and then watching football with a food coma.

7. It's socially acceptable to mix sweet and savoury food
The afformentioned snicker salad is not a dessert, but goes with the turkey and stuffing. Amazing.

8. But the desserts are awesome
Pumpkin pie, cheesecake and lots of cookies. Nom.

9. Black Friday is terrifying
We went to Walmart at midnight but I kept my distance. It was insane. I have never seen so many people crowded round in one place. I can see now how people have been crushed to death in the rush.

10. I like holidays dedicated to eating.

How was your thanksgiving? What did you learn?
I promise I'll update soon- I should be getting a new laptop in a couple of days :]]

Charlotte xxx


  1. aww too bad about your laptop- I hope it's on warranty! Glad you enjoyed your first thanksgiving!

  2. Your thanksgiving sounds so awesome!! I'd love to experience a real American one =D I had an American friend at school who used to decorate our boarding house and get really excited for it, but of course it wasn't really the same thing. And that snickers salad sounds...interesting?! Haha, I bet I'd probably like it though, I love weird food combos!
    My dress is on its way to you by the way, it should (hopefully) arrive about mid-week according to what they told me at the post office but England is pretty much coming to a halt with the snow so who knows if it's even left the country yet!!

  3. Oh I'm so glad you enjoyed your first Thanksgiving. It really is a great holiday :)

  4. wow i have never heard of a snicker salad!!! it sounds uh interesting :)! i am glad you had a good Thanksgiving, the Canadian one was in October but it is a fun holiday!!

  5. Hmm, interesting salad, definitely very American! Not sure I'd eat it with turkey though. Sounds like you had a great time, I'm also an only child but my boyfriend is part of a huge family and I find it a bit overwhelming at times. xx

  6. Oh no! Thats not good about your laptop, hopefully you can replace it soon. Thanks for explaining Thanksgiving, we don't have it here so I don't really get what it is about aside from eating! hehe and snickers salad... with Turkey! I just don't think I could eat that!!

  7. Snicker salad sounds like a dangerous treat. I had never heard of it before but I kinda want to eat it..like right now


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