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Hey guys!! I had this fabulous post written for my by Pure Content and Boohoo. I hope you enjoy it!! I am a HUGE fan of BooHoo, in fact, it's one of the sites I miss the most when I'm away (I still get their emails and I miss their gorgeous styles that even my budget can stretch to!!), so if you haven't already checked the site out, I think this post might convince you!!

Catwalk on a Budget
The modern woman is concerned with fashion, taste and cost, and like Charlotte at she is concerned with the girly-with-an-edge styles that keep changing as quickly as a fickle lover’s heart. How can the contemporary, fashion-minded woman fit in and yet be different, and afford it all at the same time?

The Budget Babe refers to fashion as a “democracy in progress” whose mantra reeks of catwalk designs at affordable prices. Creating your own style is a complex task that requires time and effort. Doing your homework by reading about and keeping up with the latest trends will give you an educated and almost insider look as to what’s out there and how much it costs. Find out what’s edgy and what’s not from the latest fashion magazines and visit online sites like, which offer the latest catwalk-inspired outfits at budget prices. With BooHoo Discount Vouchers and BooHoo Discount Codes, you also get a head start by knowing you will be able to get money off some of your fashion choices.

One way to keep costs down when creating your unique fashion statement is to focus on innovation, such as finding a way to mix together High Street and Vintage, or some other workable but unexpected combination of styles. These edgy combinations give way to new names such as Modern Vintage Style, which may seem like an oxymoron, but actually that’s exactly what it is! Fashion is like food; a vast cosmos to be explored and experienced. Fashion-conscious consumers today expect more from the world of fashion and yet simultaneously expect to pay less for the latest on-trend designs.

Although Charlotte admits that “dressing for comfort makes her uncomfortable,” she is all for the modern woman empowering herself by deciding which look she would like to achieve. This means going out there and finding a way to adapt her chosen style to a personal budget, whether it is edgy, dark or punky. Both online fashion sites and the retail stores lay in wait ready to swallow your hard earned money, like hungry crocodiles lurking unsuspecting in a leafy glade. Arm yourself with a realistic budget before you venture out or go forth. Know exactly how much you can afford to spend on clothing for work, school formal events, etc BEFORE you head to the checkout counter.

These tips will keep you consumer-savvy and keep buyer’s remorse at bay. Spend a day in the park and watch hawks in action as they circle the sky. You will learn from nature the art of patience (which in this case is the art of the kill). You can’t do without a sharp eye and willingness to learn from those who have mastered the art form known as shopping for bargains. Like that old hawk, keep your eye on the prize and be determined to get the best price to match the style you want, even if that means you may have to settle for something from the season before. If you don’t tell, who will?

Looking fabulous without spending a fortune is well within the reach of the modern woman.


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