Style Challenge: Day Six

For the next week I am doing a Style Challenge where I wear the same pair of shorts every day for a week. This is Day Six, and you can find Day One, Day Two, Day Three and Day Four herehereherehere and here :]] Keep checking back here for the rest of the week to see what else I come up with!!

This outfit went through about a million revisions and I'm still not sure if I like it. It started out with grey knee socks, then I added the yellow cardigan and thought, hmm, I should try that new chunky scarf. Then the socks looked wrong so I added maroon socks. They looked wrong too so I finally went for the red tights. I was meant to be going to the zoo today but it started snowing so it became a desperate attempt to layer up.
But now it's snowing and we're expected to get about 4 inches of snow today so the zoo has been cancelled, so I'm kinda having a boring day now which will probably involve homework and writing articles. Which isn't so bad, but I want to go out and do something!! Which is hard when it's snowing.

I don't really like any of these photos which point to the fact that maybe I don't really like this outfit. I feel it's the kind of outfit I wouldn't post ordinarily. I think I'm just getting a bit bored with this challenge now, which is probably not the worst thing in the world as it ends tomorrow. My night out outfit may be scuppered by the weather though!! 4 inch clogs may not be the best idea.

I hate being bored. I mean I have stuff to do, I just usually save it all til Sunday. Even going to the library is kind of pointless because I might as well be here. I suppose I can get on with my to-do list especially because I'm planning on doing something tomorrow now and Sundays are usually reserved for homework. And at least I'm doing something tonight. I hate being so insanely busy for a few days and then suddenly I'm bored out of my mind. I'm so much rather be busy than bored. I suppose I can at least get started on my paper and get ahead with the work I have over the next few weeks to save it catching up on me!! And I can watch The Apprentice and maybe make some Butternut Squash soup.

Again, I apologise that these photos are so awful. I desperately need to get hold of photoshop. And take some photos outside. But the way the weather is looking this could stop being a possibility fairly soon.

jumper- H&M
cardigan- H&M
shorts- H&M
tights- unknown
scarf- forever 21
boots- next

Tomorrow might end up being a double post of what I wear tomorrow and what I potentially wear tonight, and then I plan on writing about the whole experience and what I've learnt. I also plan to write a piece for my student's newspaper next week about this challenge, which helps incase people have seen me and thought "doesn't she ever change her clothes?!"
Also, my new post at College Fashion is up if you fancy a look :]]] It's on UK vs. US fashion and it's had a great response so far!! I'd love to hear if you have any other ideas for posts for me over at College Fashion, especially about my year abroad :]]]

I hope the weather isn't affecting your weekend!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. :) I adore this look Charlotte. I would never have the guts to pull of those tights but they are perfect with the printed scarf and yellow cardi

  2. That scarf is wonderful and I love it with your yellow cardigan. I think this is my favourite outfit of the challenge so far.

  3. Hi I just discovered your blog via college fashion and I just wanted to say that I really like it. This challenge is really good - its great seeing you remix these shorts :)

  4. I really like this outfit =D The scarf is adorable, and I'm so jealous of your yellow cardie, I want one too but I'm trying not to buy at the moment haha =)
    Sian xx

  5. I love the print on your scarf


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