18 Things I love About Winter

I have spent much of the last few weeks moaning about the winter. It's cold, it's grey and it's rainy. Half of my wardrobe has now been abanonded as I admit defeat in it every getting warmer here in Minnesota. My pretty dresses and lightweight jackets are packed away, not to be seen again until March.
But walking across campus today with the icicles dangling from the trees, wrapped up in my winter coat, I started to think about all the things I do like about winter. It's going to be a long, cold winter so I might as well remember the things that make me smile!!

1. Wrapping up
I love to get out my snuggly warm jumpers, leggings and boots at this time of year. There's something that makes me smile about chunky knits.

2. Gorgeous accessories
Bad hair day? Throw on a beanie. Plain black coat? Add a bright coloured scarf. I love watching the wintery episodes of Gossip Girl- those girls do cosy dressing better than anyone else!!

3. Boots!!
Yesterday I bought my snow boots to add to my ever-growing collection of winter shoes. I have boots in every colour and style, from my comfy grey uggs to my tall black leather boots. I love boots because not only are they warm, but they look classy too.

4. How beautiful snow looks
Okay, it's not all that fun when you're trudging to class in it, I agree, but from the inside when it's all fresh? It looks amazingly beautiful. Similarly...

5. Being outside when it snows
Snow makes me smile. End of.

6. The smell of the air
Please don't tell me this is just me? I just love the crisp smell in the air when the weather turns. It smells so festive and amazing.

7. Hot drinks on a cold day
A skinny latte or a hot apple cider, or of course, a freshly made brew never taste as good as when you've just come in from outside and your hands find sanctuary round the warm mug. Bliss.

8. No more body upkeep
Fake tan is the bane of my life over summer. Winter means pale is key and hey, you don't have to shave your legs as much!!

9. Festivities
I love the build up to Christmas almost as much as Christmas itself. Watching Christmas films, Christmas songs, opening up your advent calendar every morning, those houses with a million different lights... I am such a big kid when it comes to Christmas.

10. Christmas traditions
My Christmas has been virtually the same for the last 19 years and I wouldn't change it for the world. I can't wait to get off that plane and have a Christmas that is a blue-print of every other of my life. I am a great believer in tradition and I love it.

11. Fairy lights
Oooh, sparklies!!

12. Christmas shopping
I love to buy people presents, and I absolutely love to find the absolutely perfect gift for someone and seeing their faces when they open it.

13. Wintery food
Not just mince pies and Christmas dinner, but hot dinners for cold days. Mashed potato springs to mind. And porridge. Mmmm.

14. Chrismas Catch Ups
Christmas always means seeing my friends from home and having a good gossip, which I love. This year it means meeting up with my friends from uni too!!

15. Those long days between Christmas and New Year
I love making plans to do things over those few days. I hate to be bored so I fill these days with trips and family visits and of course, sale shopping!!

16. That new-again feeling of January
The start of a new semester, the start of a new year. I love the feeling that when the clock strikes midnight you can start all over again.

17. A new semester
New classes, some free time for a few weeks before all the papers start to come rolling in. I'm looking forward to that bit of a break from first semester finals to second semester midterms.

18. The fact that I'm coming home.
Have I mentioned that? :]]]

Charlotte xxx


  1. fresh snow is pretty but i am not looking forward to shoveling my car out of it

  2. I agree with everything on your list! Except for.. I really love snow, regardless of where it's at or what I'm doing, and I love being cold. haha

    You're so sneaky with #12 ;)


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