time enough for drums.

Does this outfit remind anyone else of the gorgeous Annie? I think I was subconciously channelling her when I chose this outfit. Today I became one of those people who rips articles out of magazines in the gym. Bad Charlotte. But I did read a great inspiration piece on pussy-bow blouses which I think inspired this outfit.

I bought this little pinafore dress in my huge shopping spree at Mall of America. I planned to wear it with a jumper underneath (I bought two gorgeous little turtle-neck jumpers to go with it) but I've often seen Annie where a shirt like this underneath her dresses. I was going to go with black tights but I thought I might as well go the whole hog and wear bright tights and brogues- two things Annie rocks really well.

I think one of the reasons her blog is so popular is that she has such a distinctive look. I've written about how her style influences me before,  but I can't quite pinpoint what is so unique about hhttp://blonde-bedhead.blogspot.com/er style. I just know that there's certain outfits that I create that I think "that is so Annie!". It's funny how you can feel you really know someone's style even when you haven't even met them. I'd love to do a feature on outfits inspired by some of my favourite bloggers; Selective Potential, LuluLetty, Delightfully Tacky, Blonde Bedhead to name a few of my daily reads. I feel there are certain bloggers who have their own look that they manage to incorporate into every outfit without it feeling same-y or repetitive.

I'm often asked how I define my own style, which I find is a question I stumble over a lot. I used to always describe it as "girly with an edge." Do you think that is still the case? I think in some respects my style has become more girly over the past few months. I think I've definitely found my style becoming more trend-led since I started writing this blog, but at the same time I don't consciously choose "trendy" outfits How would you describe my style? I'd love to hear!!

I wasn't too sure at first about the yellow cardigan, but I was starting to get cold so I thought I'd snap a few pictures in it, and I actually quite like it. It's far too thin for how cold it's getting here though, but I was a little cocky about the fact that it was actually colder at home today than here in Duluth!!

dress- forever 21
shirt- charity shop
cardigan- ebay
shoes- target

I have a stressful few weeks ahead of me now. I seem to have so many assignments to do and little bits of time consuming homework, as well as trying to spend as much time as I can with my friends before I leave. I'm excited to go home but I'm also sad about how much I'm going to miss my friends over here!! I'm not going to lie though- I've got the Christmas songs on!! I've decided I'm going to get into the mood to make these next few weeks easier!! I've decided that Shakin' Steven' Merry Christmas Everyone is my favourite christmas song, but followed by obviously Wizard's I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday and of course, Slade!! God I love this time of year!! Ooh Wonderful Christmastime just came on. That could also be a contender. Something about Christmas music gets me right in the mood- what makes you feel festive?

Oh, thank you to call of you who were concerned about my laptop!! I found a great deal on a Best Buy flier so Kait and I went straight there on the way home and I managed to get a really great laptop for what I have been told was a great price (I know nothing about computers!!) and thankfully, my hard drive was fine so I have all my music and photos and documents and a new shiny laptop!! Yay :]]

And finally, my University at home have okay-ed me doing the photography class next semester so I've sent the teacher an email to check that I can take it with absolutely zero photography skills, so fingers crossed!!

You still have two more days to enter my giveaway, so if you want a great gift card go enter now!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. Love that dress with the blouse! Really lovely! Ah I've been so busy, I haven't even thought about Christmas but now I'm ready to start listening to festive music! :) Good luck with your school work! I have a rough couple of weeks ahead as well!

  2. Those pictures are stunning! And yes, looking forward to Christmas is the only thing that keeps me sane during the craziness of finals! Question though, I thought your giveaway was already closed?? That's why I didn't enter earlier!

  3. I absolutely love the blouse! And the color combination of the blue and yellow!


  4. i love the pussy bow.

    i love christmas toooo!!!

    what gets me christmasy is puttingg on rockin robin hearing mj at his best,and putting misletoe toe on nothing else.

    i LOVE it!

  5. This dress and blouse combination is adorable, but the dress could easily work with a turtleneck, too... that pretty collar detail just takes this to a whole new level. I love the combination of the turquoise tights and yellow cardigan, too! So chic :)

  6. love the top and blouse together! super cute and feminine. like your blog!

  7. I love the yellow and blue together x

  8. I'm really REALLY loving this outfit, I think it's my favourite outfit of yours so far =D (Well that I've seen anyway!) It really suits you =) I'm always wanting a top with a bow like that but I just can't seem to find any that suit me *sigh*. I'll just keep looking! The shape of that dress is perfect, plus the colours of the tights and the cardigan, I pretty much just love this outfit!
    Sian xx

  9. really cute outfit, I think its the bright tights that are making me think Annie :) I love how you used her style as inspiration for this look.


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