One of those days

Nothing especially bad has happened today, it's just one of those days. Here are some reasons why.
1. 9am class
2. Being sat at the back of said 9am class when the teacher was picking groups for presentations. I like to get mine done early to get it out of the way- I now have presentations for both my classes in week 9
3. Not being sure if I like my hair like this
4. Not liking my outfit
5. Freaking out about my dissertations and all the other essays I have to do
6. And also being very, very overwhelmed by how much time I have (I had had all my classes for the week by 10am today)
7. Not being able to go the gym or swimming as I don't have my trainers or swimming costume with me, and  not starting dance classes til next week (I feel so much better when I work out!!)
8. Realising at 12.30pm that the post office collection place closes at 12.30pm
9. Just wanting to curl up and read Look magazine, and then going to 5 different shops, none of which had said magazine
10. Going to take pictures and first of all, have little kids stare and laugh at me and then getting dangerously close to a fight between a guy in an Asda delivery truck and a woman trying to get down the alley in her car, which he was blocking.
11. Indoor photos
12. Being unable to turn the flash off my iPhone, doing a full restore and finding the light still on, booking a genius appointment for in an hour's time and then realising the light is now off. And then trying it again and finding yep, it's back.
13. Finding a picture or a mention of Erick pretty much every morning on my Facebook newsfeed. And still missing him so much it makes me feel sick.
14. Missing being able to call my parents because they're in Spain
15. Just generally feeling rubbish

I know these are all pathetic little trivial problems but it's just led me to feel kinda down. I'm sorry, I know this is super-self indulgent, but sometimes you just need somewhere to vent, right? Let's move on and discuss my outfit. And my hair.

edit: I just got back from the Apple store, where they gave me a new iPhone and I got a copy of Look magazine. Admittedly, my phone is still syncing so we're not in the clear yet...

So, hair first. I followed Lauren's tutorial, but it's a bit messy because it was my first time. What do you think? I think it actually looks better in these pictures than in real life, but it was a good thing to do with my hair on a non-washing day. I think I'll keep practicing it.
I'm not mad on this outfit, I realised it was October this weekend and I'd only done two remixes with this skirt- my remix item of the month- so I had to squeeze one in before then. I also, as I said, had a 9am class today (how did I used to cope with 8am classes in Duluth?!) so I didn't really have a chance to change once I'd gotten dressed. My boobs also keep falling out of this shirt!!

rust blouse- c/o Own the Runway
polka dot skirt- thrifted
ballet flats- Dorothy Perkins

I think my problem today was that I got myself really burnt -out early in the day. I'd probably only had an hour break between 9 and 3 and then I just felt exhausted and overwhelmed. And because of this I've basically done nothing all afternoon. I think I need to pace myself throughout the day and take regular breaks. I'm just finding it really hard to deal with a lack of routine and schedule. I'm hoping as time goes on I'll organise all the free time I have. I do have a lot to do but I need focus!!

I should go do some reading but I think I'm just going to call my parents, watch this Gok Wan programme and have an early night. I can't see myself achieving anything more productive tonight so I'll get up early tomorrow!!

Have a lovely evening!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. I do most of my working out at home by full-body dancing. It's like Zumba, but for free and with my own music hah. Put on some fast paced tunes and jump/dance around for half an hour, it'll more than cover your missed workouts.

    Sometimes all the little meaningless things pile onto us until it's a giant mound of little things weighing us down. I totally get ya.

    I have to ask though, how do your boobs keep falling out when the top isn't low-cut?

  2. I actually love this outfit on you. You look like a magazine editor. :)

  3. I love this outfit! Oh and did i mention that I just found your blog and you are so adorable? Loving your blog so much!!


  4. i dont know what you are on about, you look stunning!! that blouse is gorgeous, shame about the booby slip haha!! hope tomorrow is better.

  5. I LOVE this outfit, you look lovely xx

  6. whats wrong with the outfit?!? I think its really cute, I especially like your blouse

  7. Sorry you had one of those crappy days! Hopefully the rest of the week looks up for you! I really like your outfit though. What's not to like? The color of your top is perfect for fall and I adore the shape of it too. And your skirt is very cute as well!

  8. I LOVE this outfit! That top is adorable and I love how you paired it with the skirt. So cute!! Going in my inspiration folder for sure.


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