Turquoise and Teal

Blah. Today is just one of those days. I can't pinpoint why exactly, but I have a few ideas. One is that a year ago today, I left the country to start my year abroad. I was nervous, excited, terrifying and just a million emotions rolled into one. It was one day that changed the rest of my life. And I would give anything to be going back. I have so, so many memories and I have learnt and changed so much since getting on that flight a year ago, but more than anything else, I've been left with an insatiable longing for the USA. Ever since I was a little kid, America was where I've wanted to be. I really hope one day to be able to move back and live over there again. I considered doing a little recap of my year, but I think really, it wouldn't be a good idea. Too many of my memories from my year abroad involve my relationship with Erick and I'm still too raw to look back on the memories and be happy, and not sad.

Today is one of those days when you really need a doughnut...

I have to be honest, doughnuts are not my first choice when it comes to sugary snacks (Coldstone ice cream is my weakness, and chocolate chip cookies mmm), but when my friend Louise told me that the company she works for were doing the PR for a collaboration between Glamour and Krispy Kreme for Fashion Week, I leaped at the chance of free samples. Free food has to be in my Top Ten favourite things. Now, fashion and food aren't always two things that go together, especially not fashion and doughnuts, but these cute little treats come in autumn's hottest shades- orange and pink- and are perfect to get you through those long, long days of running in heels from show to show.They are limited edition, however, and available until 2nd October. I've only tried half an on-trend orange one so far, but it was seriously yummy. I'm looking forward to attacking and pretty, but tasting strawberry one too!!

Another thing driving me mad today- the fact that you can see my red bra on all these photos. I considered taking them again but then I really couldn't be bothered. So I apologise. This dress is the other item I received c/o French Connection (you can read my review here). I almost, almost bought it in red, but my Mum talked me into the turquoise. I really, really love it. I don't have anything this colour so it's a bit difficult to style but I love a bit of a challenge. I paired it with my beloved teal shoes and a teal belt for a kind of almost-y matchy-but-not-quite look.

In other news, today we finally posted for the first time over at The Lovely Ones blog! We'd been talking about starting a blog for the group for a while and I'm really excited to get everything going over there. Be sure to follow us!! I'm really excited to get everyone posting on a regular basis over there and for what we have coming up!!

dress- c/o French Connection
teal shoes- Primark 
teal belt- Dorothy Perkins

Have a great day :]]

Charlotte x


  1. Look at the pins on you!
    That dress looks gorgeous and those donuts....mmmm....yum! xx

  2. That dress is adorable! And those shoes too ;)
    I'm very hungry atm, especially after seeing those donuts, yummy!

  3. The color and style of that dress are to die for!


  4. Your welcome for the comment Hun, many would die for legs like yours. Your not too late with the bloggers meet, it's 10th sept nandos followed by shopping :) in Manchester xx

  5. This dress is so cute on you! I really love the color! I thought you were just trying to be edgy and 'cool' with the visible bra strap. Also those doughnuts look delicious!

  6. i love the dress, is sooo pretty and perfect, :D and the donuts :P i feel hungry right now :(

  7. I love the dress... I have a similar one in mustard yellow. The teal is such a pretty colour! I haven't had a Krispy Kreme in years... but they are quite delicious - especially when they're all hot and melty.

    xo, alison*elle

  8. oh i hate it when you can see your bra haha!! it annoys me too so dont worry. its ok though cos it makes you seem real :) love the dress

  9. I hate when I can see my bra in pictures, but these pictures are still wonderful. I am seriously head over heels in love with this dress!! Oh my god, gorgeous colour and the lace is great. I am so glad you got it in this colour


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