Too hot to blog

Today was too hot to take pictures of myself. So I took pictures of everything else I did.
Today I...

Drank tea from my favourite mug. I have a thing about tea in my favourite mugs. Erick bought me THE BEST panda mug for valentines day and I would ONLY drink my tea from my panda mug. That was, until I knocked it off the draining board one day. And cried for hours.

Thanked my former self for putting all my bobby pins back on the cardboard holder.

Wore this dress for the millionth time. Everything in my wardrobe felt too heavy and sticky today. This dress is so light- perfect for a hot day.

Admired my gorgeous spotty bag.

Did a beehive again. It's a bit messy at the back though- need to work on that.

Read Freud and drunk more tea

Bought new wedge boots.

Got dressed to go to Zumba and then found out the class was fully booked.

Came home and watched Russell Brand instead

And painted my nails orange!!

Promise I'll bear the heat tomorrow (it's meant to be even hotter, urgh) for pictures.
Have a great day!!

Charlotte x


  1. Ah this weather is awful when you're sick and in bed. Liking all the pictures!

    Em x

  2. I love that dress, I've had a bit of a random panic pulling summer things back out, haha I do love it though! <3

    Also, the wedge boots are gorgeous! Want! Xx


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