Good for your elf

Yesterday we learnt never try to match your outfit to your nails. Today we are learning never take inspiration from Christmas Elves. My Dad came up for the title of this post, after I asked him if I did in fact, look like a friend of Santa's. I think he's hilarious. You may not agree.

Friends, meet my new collar. You will be seeing a lot of it over the next few months. I had to buy it after seeing the gorgeous K is for Kani wearing it. I remember I was actually lazily checking my Google Reader feed in bed and had it in my basket before 9am. It's gorgeous and I love it. Kani has worn it in some really awesome ways- I can't wait to see what I can come up with. Oh and this is my bargain £10 Zara dress. The material is super-thick and its so warm and comfy. I was going to wear black today but it was a nice day so I went for this dress instead. I went to see my Nan today and she kept going on about how nice my dress was. She did make me a ham sandwich though, and I haven't eaten meat for 10 years. Bless her. I almost ate it to be polite. Almost. Throwing up in someone's home is not polite. Getting dressed at the moment is a bit of a challenge since I decided to get all my clothes out for uni yesterday and put them in a huge ridiculous pile. I now cannot find anything.

Ooh I got my new glasses today!! Wanna see?

I seriously love them. Seriously. As in might-actually-wear-these-once-a-week. I might go an outfit post in them at some point this week. I feel massively hipster in them, but I really like them.

Oh and I also just wanted to say thank you to you all. A few of you have commented about my honesty lately, and thanked me for it. And I just want to say that it really means a lot. I've been worried about being too honest, but I've always been honest before so I feel I deserve to give you the truth. I'm still finding things very hard at the moment. Last night I ended up crying for about half an hour again, which really upset me and frustrated me because I thought I was past that. I am getting there though, very slowly. I'd love any advice you have. I'm just very up and down. Today, though, I'm feeling better. Just got to stay focused. I'm thinking of buying myself a bracelet that says something like "Be Strong" for those moments of weakness.

red dress- Zara
white collar- Romwe
black mary janes- New Look

Anyway, I'm off. I want to get some more (really fun ://) reading for uni done before I go to the cinema tonight. I'm going to see One Day again because my friend Jenny has just finished the book.
Have a great evening!

Charlotte x


  1. I think this outfit is adorable! Seriously love that dress.

  2. I don't think you look like an elf!!! I'm quite jealous of that dress though - so pretty!!! :]

  3. I like the glasses! Look forward to seeing more of them. My own pair of glasses are pretty thick-rimmed and oddly coloured so I don't wear 'em out much. They may have matched with all my band shirts 3 years ago, but they clash with everything I wear now hah.

    I think honesty is a good thing. I mean, why put on a fake smile and pretend you're happy on YOUR blog. This is your place to be you, and if that means being honest about your feelings, that's the way it'll be. And if anybody dislikes that, they can just stop reading your blog (their loss).

    That's such a lovely dress. I need some good cool weather dresses but I have a hard time wearing anything in winter that isn't ankle-length, or my legs freeze.

  4. Less like an elf more like little Orphan Annie. JOKING. This dress and the collar are both adorable. Your new glasses are super cute as well. I don't think you have been over sharing about your feelings at all. It hasn't seemed mopy and depressing, almost liberating instead.

  5. I can't believe you got this dress for £10 at Zara! I only find expensive dresses there! :) You look adorable, love the red-white-black combination (my favourite colours) and dads always give the craziest comments on our outfits, don't they? Btw love your glasses!

    I would love to give you advice on how to get over a break-up, but when I broke up with my ex-boyfriend, we had sort of grown apart, and had fights about everything, and we weren't the right person for each other anymore. So we decided it was better to go our own way :) I was sad at the beginning, but only for a few days, I went out with friends a lot and met my current boyfriend a week later! It all went very fast, but it was almost love at first sight :) You'll get over it, just take your time. I'm sure you'll meet someone as awesome as you are! ;)

  6. This dress is sooo wonderful, I am in love with that collar and the fit of it is so great. Besides a bright red dress is always awesome. Please wear it with some ridiculously bright green tights for christmas, itd just be so good.
    I understand how you feel, with my recovery from surgery (this one and the others) I've often found myself thinking about it and getting really negative and spending way to much energy on it. I've cried more in the past 14 months or so than I probably have the rest of my life haha, it just happens so easily now! But as with all things, now that its starting to become my "past" and less my "present" I can see things a bit clearer and I'm sure you are as well:)

  7. I absolutely love this dress and the collar, so flattering and your legs look AMAZING (in a non coming onto you way obvz ! )



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