Identity Crisis

Another really-not-very-me outfit that I strangely like. I have really been all about the loose, chunky layers recently and I think that is something that will continue well into next season. And jeans! I never wear jeans! But they are my new Dorothy Perkins skinny jeans and they are so comfy. Seriously cannot praise their jeans in terms of fit enough. This was a real thrown-on outfit. I had a doctor's appointment at 10.20, and of course, was on the last minute because I decided I had time to work out before going, and threw this on. Originally it was with shorts and knee high socks, but while I love knee socks with skirts, I usually look like a hooker in shorts and knee socks. So I threw on my jeans, new winter boots, and my new cropped jumper- with a wine-coloured tank to protect my modesty. It's really interesting how our personal style can evolve. I'm really excited to see what I come up with for the new season.

Do you like my nails? If you follow me on Twitter (and if you shouldn't, you should :]]) you'll have been bombarded with images of them yesterday. I had my last day at work yesterday (I can't wait nail varnish at work because I work with food), so last night I came home and did leopard nails!! I followed this tutorial (including the colours) and they look amazing. I'm a recovering nail biter and only stopped biting them a few weeks ago. They are still quite weak and break a lot but I am so proud of how long they're getting!! The squiggles are as neat as I would like, and one of them smudged this morning, but I'm proud of my first attempt.


This is not the mustard jumper I mentioned on Tuesday. Or the other mustard jumper I mentioned on Tuesday. I tried on 6 mustard jumpers in 2 days. That's a lot of jumpers. But this one won. It's perfect and I love it. I have so many ideas for ways to wear it. I also love the combination of mustard and wine/maroon/burgundy so I decided to layer it over my purpley tank. These are my new winter boots too. They're a little ostentatious but gorgeous.

jeans- Dorothy Perkins
boots- London Rebel
jumper- Dorothy Perkins
tank top- topshop

I'm off to a fashion show tonight with my friends which should be really fun. Hoping to get lots of pictures and get someone to take a few pictures of my outfit because I've got a few busy days coming up so I might not get a chance to take outfit photos. I'm off to Birmingham on Saturday for my friends' birthday. Can't wait to be back in Birmingham, to see my friends, to see my new house and to get all dressed up and go out!!

Have a fabulous day!!

Charlotte x


  1. great look , simply cool , I love those boots also in over the knee style .

  2. This sweater is fantastic on you, makes me want to run out and buy a yellow sweater for myself. I love these boots as well.

  3. I love the mustard and pink together, such great shades together, this sweater is wonderful!! This is a great casual look, and I like seeing you in jeans, they're great

  4. Love you nails!!

    Best, Lindsey

  5. I love, love, love fall! This season is perfect to try layering (I am a big fan of layers). I really liked this outfit of your. P.S. you look fab in jeans.

  6. Hot pink and yellow are one of my favorite color combinations and this sweater seriously looks so cozy and perfect to wear for fall! Not to mention your whole look is perfection even down to your nails... They look so excellent!

    Thank you for the beyond lovely and sweet comment on my blog! You are seriously too kind and you have such a beautiful little blog here :D

  7. maybe it means your style is changing? i often wear an outfit and go "this so isn't me" but end up loving it for the comfort factor and how i feel in it. it looks great anyway, i love your jumper so much hun xo

  8. Great outfit, loving the boots. Too bad boots like that would mean frozen (quite literally) toes for me here in Canadian winter. Great jumper too... I need more of those this year, all my others are soooo big ahhh... an excuse to shop heehee. And those jeans look amazing on you! Almost makes me want to start wearing pants again.

  9. i like your yellow jumper and the color combination u did here.... nice styling charlotte


  10. LOVe your boots!!!!!!!!!! This is a great outfit on you. Pants are amazing.


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