Week in Photos

 Wanna know a secret? I love doing my Week in Photos on a Sunday. It's so nice to look back and see all the fun I've had through the week- I don't take photos of the boring and miserable stuff so it's good to stay focused. Here's what I did this week...

1-3. Night out with the girls
I went out on Tuesday to 90s Night with my housemates which was really fun. I wore my 21st dress with my leopard belt and leopard boots. I also did what Instyle said was Perfect Smokey Eye and my favourite shots- Apple Sourz

4. Autumn tights collection
Mmm I can't wait to wear these warm, autumnal colours. Orange and maroon from Dorothy Perkins, Tabacco tights from ASOS
5-6: Rediscovering my red shorts
I tried to convince myself I didn't need a pair of red jeans by wearing my red shorts. Turns out I do love these little babies (but I did buy red trousers anyway). 

7. Gorgeous canvas print
Remember the gorgeous shoot Erick and I did in Canal park way back in May? Well the lovely people at Bags Of Love offered me anything I wanted from their website, so I chose a canvas print of this shot of me next to the beautiful aerial lift bridge that defines Duluth. I miss this city so much- I miss living somewhere so unbelievably beautiful. 
8. Mustard and maroon nails
Have you noticed I love mustard and maroon? 
9. Library outfit
I wasn't sure if I was going to photograph Friday's outfit so I took this quick snap. Also, where do we stand on tucking into jeans/trousers? I think it looks so much neater and cuter, but makes my hips look huge. Opinions?

10-11: Library times
And my adorable Cath Kidston polka dot satchel
12. Tea break
Because a girl needs her tea!

13. Peter Pan collar
I haven't worn this gorgeous bike-print top since June and I forgot how cute it is!!
14. Sophistication
I wasn't sure if it was the glasses or the trench, but I felt very classy- and very Audrey- in my simple coat, jeans and ballet flats.
15. Coffee with friends
Emily and Ellen were up for the weekend and it was SO nice for Steph and I to meet up with them. We've not had time just the four of us since we went to Europe traveling together last Summer so it was great to catch up. Emily and Ellen live back at home now so Steph and I don't see them as much as we'd like. It's weird going from living with people to only seeing them every few weeks!!

16. Autumnal tops
I went a bit mad on the simple striped tops from H&M. I can't wait to pair these with my coloured jeans and autumnal-toned skirts. Sometimes I like to keep it simple and stripes are my favourite way to add a print without going over the top.
17-18: Barmaid by night
I work at my student bar and this was the state my shoes were in after two late-night shifts!! I love my job but working til 4.30am Friday and 3.45am Saturday was a killer. I also obviously love my super-stylish work shirt.

19. Post-work snack
So glad I made extra wedges when I made dinner, so these were perfect when I came home from work and was starving!!
20-21. Pink leopard nails
My favourite nails yet. My right hand looks bloody awful, but my left one looks pretty good. They're so amazingly garish- I love them!!

22. Nail varnish collection
Everyone who comes round to our house is amazed by my collection of nail colours. This is only a selection!
23. Tickets
Manchester Orchestra are my joint favourite band (with Brand New, of course) and I'm so excited to go and see them for the 4th time next week.
24. Oreo cheesecake recipe
Oreos+cream cheese+sugar= love.

25. Favourite tshirt
Okay, a little secret, when I'm not blogging, I dress like a total slob. And more often than not, I wear this tshirt. I actually have two. And they're children's ones. But they're my favourite. Did I mention I miss Minnesota?
26. Dinner for my housemates
Beth cooked a roast on Friday and Briony made pancakes yesterday morning (best text ever- "don't know if you're up yet, but if you are I'm making pancakes"), so I returned the favour by making my speciality dish- sweet potato curry- for dinner. 
27. Dessert
Briony made Oreo cheesecake as dessert- so yummy!!

Now I'm going to collapse into a food coma. I start classes tomorrow- eek my last first day of school!!- and I'm a little nervous but excited. Wish me luck!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. Sounds like you had a fantastic week. I am really interested in your nail varnish collection! I love nail varnish and different colours. What's your favourite brand? Any nail reccommendations?

    Also that satchel is really cute! I usually find Cath Kidstone too flowery for me but polka dots rock.

  2. This sounds like such a busy week! I'm surprised you have time to blog with all this going on. I love those red shorts, and your collection of striped stuff is beautiful - I always switch from florals to stripes over winter xo

  3. Loooks like an absolutely wonderful week!! You sound like you had a very busy, fun filled week which is awesome. And oh my god that curry looks sooo delicious mmmm

  4. 90s night!? Oh man I feel so old right now.

  5. Love the pink leopard print nails, they turned out great. I've been painting my toenails all summer but now they're rather brittle and look a little alarming and I think I'll have to stop painting them for a while unless I want me nails to fall off *sigh*

    I made oreo-bottom cheesecake cupcakes once... divine, but oh my goodness so rich.

  6. I love tucking into jeans and stuff, but it makes my hips look bigger so always end up alternating throughout the day! /:


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