Autumn excitement

I am super, super excited for next season. Summer has been kinda a bust here in the UK. We have a few days of sunshine (I think I missed most of them while I was still abroad!!) and then it's just grey and foggy for the rest of the season. It's usually around mid-August that I start getting excited for autumn clothing. I love being able to wear a jacket over a pretty dress or layer a cardigan over a blouse, and I love getting my coats out. Admittedly, this feeling never lasts too long (after a 6-month-long winter in Minnesota I was completely sick of wrapping up!!) but I love getting excited about warm autumn colours, cosy jumpers, boots and coats.

Autumn is always a season when you are forced to be creative I find. I am always looking for inspiration, so I love wintery look books, online shops and women's clothing catalogues. They always have such gorgeous layered looks and snuggly jumpers and thick tights. I often have to force myself to not shop in the winter and be inspired by what I already have.

This season I am all about deep purpley reds, mustard yellows, belted knits and coats and stylish boots. Yesterday I bought a gorgeous mustard blouse, a mulberry-red skirt and a similar coloured polka dot blouse, a beige knit jumper. Here are my most recent A/W purchases...

all from New Look

H&M Cardigan

 dress and blazer from Zara

 Boots from Asos

Trench from Zara

I spent all of yesterday writing out outfit ideas for next season and I'm already really excited. I always feel once it gets into September, autumn is on its way. Where did the summer go, eh? Things I am excited for...

1. Snuggly jumpers
There's something so great about pulling on a big cosy jumper, leggings and winter boots.

2. Warm autumnal colours
Wine reds, mustard yellows (are all autumn colours food and drink related? Hmmm...), tan, beige, navy, grey and orange are my favourite colours for the new season.

3. Winter boots
Admittedly, I always get sick of my boots by about January, but I'm excited to wear my new London Rebel boots!!

4. Knee high socks
I lovelovelove knee high socks and that perfect winter-lookbook effect they have on any outfit. I definitely want to be more creative this year and wear them over tights and under boots.

5. Layering
Belted cardigans, belted jumpers, jumpers over shirts and dresses, shorts and tights, shirts under dresses... the colder months give me huge opportunities to be creative.

6. Tights
I live in tights, but this year I want to be more creative with colours and patterns. So many bloggers do this really, really well!!

7. Hats and scarves
I love coloured beret hats (later, bad hair day) and while I've never managed to get that effortless-scarf-look, I do have quite a collection now. Hats and scarves just look so cute and cosy.

8. My coat and jacket collection
I love coats. I really love coats. I have so many- fur coats, duffle coats, trench coats, aviator jackets, pink coats, black coats, yellow coats, leather jackets, furry gilets... I rarely feature my coats on my blog but I definitely want to more this year.

What is getting you excited for next season? Are you as excited as I am?

Charlotte x


  1. my fav is the polka dots chiffon shirt: so bon ton!!!
    Have a nice day
    Sara C.

  2. I love the outfit for Zara. The colours work so well together, Amazing!

  3. i am really excited for fall fashion!!! i cannot wait to wear big cardigans, blazers, jeans and boots again :) although i am not to keen on winter coming back last year was so bloody cold!!!

  4. Awesome collection of stuff for fall!! I am so excited to fall dressing, it's probably my favourite season. I got so much mustard coloured stuff.
    Love your leopard cardigan, and zara dress

  5. I can't say I'm excited for Fall or Winter at all. I am not a fan of the cold or snow at all. I do look forward to snuggly sweaters though, definitely. But finding a new pair of winter boots this year is going to be tough...


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