So why do you leave these stories unfinished?

I love this outfit. I love these pictures. I love this background (the front of my house as opposed to the garden). I love this editing (Carrie's actions). I love this coat. I love this jumper. Love, love, love!!

I spent today shopping with my mum. I needed to get a few things before I went back to uni, so we went to the new Outfit store near us. It opened a few weeks ago and has Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins, Topshop, Wallis, Oasis and Burton. I have to say, the Dorothy Perkins in there is my favourite. I got some new jeans (that didn't make me feel fat- success!!), some new brown ballet flats (mine are completely wrecked now- I blame 30 for 30) a new daytime LBD and a mustard jumper. I'm undecided so far on the mustard jumper. I like it, but it's £30 and I wanted a smaller size, which they didn't have. It looks great with jeans but I wanted it to wear over dresses, like this one. I've decided to take it home and see what I think and if I'm not sure to take it back.

The other place we went to today was Primark. I know that might not sound exciting, but it was brand new!! Normally I have to go to Manchester to go to Primark, but now my hometown of Stockport has one!! It's a lot bigger than I thought and really quite nice. I'll definitely be taking advantage of it for basics. I got another mustard jumper in there too, a third of the price of the other one. Maybe I'll post them both up and let you guys help me decide!!

dress- Topshop 
trench- Zara
jumper- New Look
brogues- New Look


So, this was today's outfit, and as I said, I love it. It's an unusual choice for me- I was nervous at first about wearing something so... loose. I'm all about shape-defining belts, but for this outfit I just wanted something laid-back and thrown on. It reminds me of Kallie of Happy, Honey and Lark. This outfit came together by accident really. This was the dress I was wearing when I tried on the jumper and just decided to see what it would look like over the dress- and I loved it. It wasn't my original outfit idea for today- I was still hoping to get something summery in, but I admitted defeat. The truth is, autumn is coming. So instead of sulking, I decided to embrace it. Enter snuggly jumpers and trench coats. Say Hi to my trench coat.  I have a feeling you'll be seeing it a lot. The jumper has a navy piping so I added navy tights and my beige brogues- which go perfectly with this jumper and coat!!

Well I've just had fish fingers and beans with my Dad (standard kiddie tea) and I'm working tomorrow morning (7am, urgh!!) so it's gonna be a chilled-out night and a Skype call to Michelle!!
I also just want to say thank you to all of you. I've had some amazing opportunities and lots of successes with my blog the last few months and I wouldn't have gotten anywhere without all your support. I have lots of projects coming up that I'm really exciting for.
Okay my giveaway ends on Thursday. If you haven't already go enter my giveaway!!

Have a fab evening,

Charlotte x


  1. Ooh. I'm so not ready for fall, but I have to say, I am kinda looking forward to wearing fall outfits like these (I'm really loving this type of oatmeal neutral right now). It's FREEZING here today. I'm actually wearing pants. Trying to embrace it...

  2. I really love this almost monochrome look that you've got going on! The dark tights are the perfect accessory.

  3. I am all about shape defining belts too, but I'd love to try something like this!! That jumper looks great with the lace skirt. The all nude look is really pretty too

  4. The dress is really sweet, like the lace :D

  5. nice! i like the lace thing! :)

    Love Simple Green

  6. Totally going to steal your outfit ;) thanks for the shoutout. I had no idea you even read my blog. Yours is one of my favorites, thought I'm complete crap at commenting.

  7. This is a great outfit, I really love the navy tights. They're a good needed punch of rich dark colour and tie in with the jumper. (and you have no idea how long it took me to realize jumper=sweater and NOT a romper hah)

  8. I love the trench!! Probably cause it looks like mine :) also, like Celynne, sometimes I get confused with the different British/American words for clothing.


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