Quotes on Change

Today's post is entitled "quotes on change". Why? Because that was what I googled in order to find a title for this post. As you might have guessed, many a wise man (or woman) has spoken of change, so I was inundated with results. But then I couldn't decide if a quote on change was a little too cheesy as a blog post title. And I also couldn't pick one. I did like this one though:
"If we don't change, we don't grow. And if we don't grow, we aren't really living."
Cool, huh? And I read another one about butterflies, similar to my favourite quote- "Just when the caterpillar thought it was the end of the world, it became a butterfly." I'd love to get a tattoo of a butterfly to commemorate that quote, but my Mum would kill me (Hi Mum!). I'd love to get something like that though. A reminder to stay strong. I've been looking for a pretty bracelet or something that says "be strong" or something similar, for those moments of weakness when I need a reminder that I'm doing okay. I've seen a couple that I like, but I just need to pick one.

EDIT: As I went through and re-read this, I found this bracelet. I might have to buy this or ask for it for Christmas. Or parents, if you're reading this, this would be an amazing thing to get through my letter box. Hint.

Today's post is on change for several reasons. One, slightly less philosophical reason, is because as you see, I am yet again wearing pants. Maroon pants, indeed, but pants. I worked out that in the last 12 days I have worn jeans or pants 7 times. That may not sound significant to you, but it is to me. It's an indicator of some change, some evolution, some growth in my life. I don't wear pants. Or at least, I didn't used to. Pants and jeans weren't really me. I've always been a dresses and skirts and shorts girls. I own jeans but I tend to only wear them on lazy days and when I don't feel inspired. In fact, I think there are only maybe 6 or 7 outfit posts of me wearing jeans, including my five-day jeans challenge back in February last year. I used to be able to list the number of times Erick had seen me in jeans (weirdly, the first time he met me I was wearing jeans and it always really bothered me because that wasn't very "me"). But I'm kinda okay with it. Sure, jeans and pants (these in particular, actually) make my ass and thighs look huge, but who cares? I don't. I'm starting to feel a change and really moving towards pants. I don't know what this means, it probably doesn't mean anything, but it's a change.

And other change. Bigger, more significant change. Today was my first day back in classes at Birmingham. Today was, at Birmingham at least, my last first day of school. Being back here is strange. I miss my year abroad like a limb. I miss America so much it hurts. But I'm determined to embrace the time I have left here. I made friends with a girl in my class today and at work on Saturday I chatted with some of the new girls. I can't live my life in the past. I have to move forward. My classes this semester seem really interesting. I'm taking Contemporary American Literature, which is full of post-modernism which I adore, and Literature, Sexuality and The Body. Lit Sex and the Body sounds like it's going to be really, really hard work but also very, very rewarding. I'm only in 4 hours a week (my week is done by 11am Tuesday) so I have a lot of free time to really get my arse in gear with my work. I'm excited. As I've said before, time for a new start. Being back at uni is frustrating because I feel as though I'm "done". I've done three years of uni. I've done Birmingham. I've done essays and studying and hours in the library. But at the same time, this is my last year to do this. Change is a fickle friend.

maroon trousers- ASOS
beige jumper- New Look
plaid shirt- New Look
beige oxfords- New Look

Okay well now we've established that I'm wearing pants, I should probably discuss my outfit!! I was actually inspired by the model on ASOS when I ordered the trousers!! And also by myself. This outfit is incredibly similar to Friday's outfit. I don't normally wear a lot of plaid, but it's all I want to wear at the moment. It's just so cosy and autumnal looking. I also love the new preppy trend and I think this really encompasses that. I've never really gone for androgyny- I am far too curvy to pull off boyish shapes- but I love the fact that this outfit could easily be worn by a guy too!!
Oh also, if there was an award for "most mismatched nails to outfit" I would win. Super-preppy outfit, garish, pink leopard print nails.

I remember last time I had writing on my hand, people kept asking me what it said. Today it says "Hairspray" and "selotape". I'm forgetful.

Oh and another "change" in my life- I am now the Motel Student Ambassador for the University of Birmingham. Yay!! I entered the competition last week and they loved my entry and gave me the job!! I can't wait to start. Lots of writing, lots of street style, lots of fun!!

Well, I'm off for a curry with my housemates to celebrate mine and Briony's first day of class. AKA, any excuse for a curry!!

Have a great evening!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. Ohhh first day back at classes, that is very very exciting! I love this outfit, the plaid top underneath that sweater is really so perfect together! I like the way you look in pants, but I'm the same way I rarely wear pants

  2. dude, congrats on the job! That is so boss. I am lovin' the color scheme of this outfit. It reminds me of thanksgiving, in a way!

  3. cutest shoes and i love the colour of your jeans!

    xo zebra and meerkat

  4. First of all... stop saying your thighs and butt look huge. You look like a woman :p There's nothing wrong with that! Not huge. :p

    As a non-wearer of pants myself, I can kind of understand what a big change wearing pants so much really is for ya. These look great on you, and I love the plaid.

  5. I know people who hate change and I don't get that. How can a person grow if they aren't always changing? Anyway I love your outfit.


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