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This week wasn't quite as exciting as last week. I worked Saturday- Tuesday and have basically spent the week catching up on work and articles and not seeing anybody!! However, my Dad absolutely loved this feature last week (HI DAD!!) so I thought I'd do it again for him. Here are a few photos from my week...

1&2: Photos in the newspaper
I've mentioned this already this week but hey, any excuse. Still waiting for this article to go online so you can read it, but it was a real honour to see my article published. It's really crazy when I see people and they say "Oh I saw you in the paper the other day!!"

3. Free doughnuts
Thanks to my Dad, they didn't last very long. I think I got a whole one-and-a-half in the three days we had them. Probably for the best though- they were very yummy and incredibly addictive.

4&5: New Look purchases
As you saw in my autumn excitement post, I am super excited for next season. I love my new clothes- polka dot wine-coloured shirt and skirt and mustard shirt.

6. Snuggle jumper
I also bought this jumper from New Look. Perfect for the cooler months and a gorgeous beige that goes with everything.

7. Leopard cardigan
This is the leopard cardigan of my dreams. Seriously. I've wanted one for so long so when I saw this one in H&M I had to buy it!!

8. Reading material
I've wanted to read Pygmy and Tell All for ages (I've read everything else Palahniuk has written- Invisible Monsters is my favourite book), but I'm reading all 750 pages of Daniel Deronda for uni. Epic!

9. Nails
Okay, I kinda fell in love with this tutorial and was very naughty in boots yesterday and bought everything. I did get the lilac one free though!! Despite having quit biting my nails, they are still too short to look good leopard print, so I'm going to do them all beige and do one leopard thumb!!

10. Carvery tea
I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but I have a huuuuge family. And I seriously would not have it any other way. My dad is one of 8, so just his side of the family is 29 people. Yesterday we had my great Aunt over and one of my cousins and we went out for dinner at a Carvery. Despite not eating meat, I absolutely loaded my plate. This picture was about half way through eating. I definitely have eyes bigger than my stomach. Veg and gravy is my idea of heaven.

11. Outfit list
I did do this on a spreadsheet for a while, but I just need the real feeling of writing on paper. It's the same when I make notes. I bought some new notepads yesterday (yes, Poundland!!) and now have all my outfits organized and together. I always have outfits written on little scraps of paper!!

12. Postcards to send
Postcards from London for my American friends. I sent them today so keep checking your mailbox, American friends!!

13. Crystals and Crumpets Invite
I am absolutely devastated that the IFB Conference in London has been cancelled, but excited for this alternative event. 

14. Read of the week
After going to see One Day last week, I decided to read Starter for Ten which I've had for ages after picking it up in a charity shop. I liked it, but it wasn't a patch on One Day so I was a little disappointed.

15. "Weights"
These are the weights I use for working out. Really need to invest in some real weights.

16. Dry Shampoo
I swear by Basiste dry shampoo, especially on lazy saturday mornings when I have work and know my hair is going to be under a hat and hair net all day.

17. Minstrels for Bill
Bill sends me sour patch kids and I send him minstrels. It's a kinda transatlantic candy exchange.

18&19: First published column for Duluth Superior Magazine
Unfortunately, this isn't online either, but it's my first published column in the magazine. I've been writing a weekly fashion column for the website since about December but they recently asked if I could write for the magazine too. It's my first paid freelance job and it means I'm now published on both sides of the Atlantic!!

20,21&22: Sunday lunch with Dad
Diet coke and a pint, lots of ketchup and mayo for Dad and my lunch- a veggie roast. It was even more yummy than it looks!!


  1. Wow, really cool blog :)


  2. Sounds like you had a wonderful week! And congratulations on your newspaper article and column :)

  3. nice post! congrats for your newspaper article and coloum! :)

    Love Simple Green

  4. I tried doing leopard print nails... only to realize that my big toe was the only nail big enough to do it on, woops. Cons of only painting your toenails... I really need to read more by Palahniuk, he's a wicked author. My boyfriend bought me Fight Club (before I'd even seen the film) and I was swept away right there.


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