Indian Summer

Sigh. At 17.41 my day can finally start. Since Wednesday I've been trying to send some books back that I bought for a class that I ended up being unable to take, and basically, the collection guy (or girl) didn't turn up on Wednesday, when I spent the whole day at home waiting and/or ensuring someone was at home, and when I called yesterday they assured me someone would be here today before 5. Finally, during my second phonecall of complaint the doorbell went. Going outside to take these photos was the only time I've been outside all day so far.

As you might know if you either live in the UK or read a few other British style blogs, it's been insanely hot here the last few days. Okay, well, insanely hot by my standards. I hate the heat. This is why I went to Minnesota instead of Alabama. I would rather deal with a six-month-long winter than a six-month-long summer. I also find it really hard to dress nicely in hot weather. For me, creative dressing is all about layers. Another thing is, I've been preferring to go tights-less recently and I don't like wearing anything too short without tights, which limits me again. So I decided to think back to outfits I didn't manage to wear while it was still warm and this came to me. Yep, that orange skirt again. This top I've had forever, I don't even remember buying it. It's also a lot more maroon-y than it seems on these pictures. Naturally, I can't resist leopard accessories. I love these shoes but as I mentioned on Tuesday, they're a little bit small. I decided to try to stretch them out today by wearing them around the house all day in big, thick socks. I think it worked- they feel a lot more comfortable- but I think I might try the old newspaper trick too.

orange skirt- urban outfitters
purple top- topshop
leopard belt- new look
leopard flats- c/o zalando

I think we're going out tonight, which should be fun. Staying at home has been okay today but I'm excited to go out. I don't go out very much and I get bored of it really easily. I really have to like the music and I have to be awake enough so that I don't get tired. My perfect night would involve lots of cheesy music, pop punk, dancing, pain-free heels, a hot dress and bed before 2. I'm working tomorrow night too so I already get my one late night a week!!

Well I'm going to start making some tea (I'm running out of broccoli and carrots- my tea staples- so I'm gonna have to be creative. Or walk to Tesco. My plan to walk to Aldi has been thwarted by waiting in all day. I can now no longer be bothered), listen to Taking Back Sunday, contemplate a quick nap and start getting ready. I have a few posts prepared for the weekend, but I'll be back for outfit photos on Monday.
Have a fab weekend :]]

Charlotte xxx

edit: Oh and I forgot to mention, I found out today that I was featured over at the Vedette blog. They did an awesome little feature on me that you should check out.


  1. I wish it were still hot here. All we're getting is misty rain and cranky thunder storms and cold oddness. I was out walking at lunch time, and the sun was shining... but it was still raining.

    Feels like I barely got to wear any real cute summer outfits, especially since I spent 2 unseasonably cold weeks in Alberta in July.

    That's such a cute top. This looks great on you.

  2. love this! the colors just pop and it's really flattering on you.

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  4. You look adorable, despite the heat! :D
    I'm having the same problem here in Belgium: sweating my ass off because of the sudden heatwave! I like spring more than summer, you can go bare-legged and dress 'summery' without the sweating :D

  5. oh dear! So i just created a account specifically so i could comment on this outfit to scroll down your blog further and find this post. lol


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