Weekend Remix: Orange Skirt

Another weekend remix post for you, seeing as I'll be living in my (very sexy) Asda uniform this weekend. Today, the orange Urban Outfitters skirt. To demonstrate what an impulse buy this was, I never shop in Urban Outfitters, I was supposed to be on a shopping ban, and I was in San Francisco. I originally wasn't going to buy anything, but when I saw this skirt (and the Peter Pan collar top I'm wearing in the first outfit), both down to $20, I couldn't resist. And it's a good job I didn't!! This skirt has been a staple over the last few months, and was worn 5 times during 30 for 30. My friend Steph said a few weeks ago "I can't remember when I last saw you and you weren't wearing that skirt."  Let's see how I wore it...

I think my favourite outfits are outfit one and outfit six. I am desperate for an orange dress, but I think I can definitely get away with this skirt and a coral tank looking like a dress. Crafty, eh? I have definitely become somewhat obsessed with orange lately. I'm sure this skirt will be popping up a lot in the autumn.

Have you entered my giveaway yet? If not, what are you waiting for?

I'm off work tomorrow- yippee- so I'll be back then :]]
Have a lovely Saturday!!

Charlotte xx


  1. Ohhh, What a great impulse buy, it's so versatile!! Orange is such a great summer colour for sure. Love first, second and last outfits :)


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