Nora Batty Tights

My wonderful friend Steph took these photos for me today, but she laughed at my too-big tights that were wrinkled around my ankles and said I was like Nora Batty and should title my post today as such, so I did.

I absolutely love having other people take my pictures. It's frustrating being the model and the photographer. I love photography and I am much more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it. I'm not very creative when it comes to self-portraits- I usually find myself in the same place doing the same poses- but having someone else taking them allows a little more fun and creativity. Plus I feel less stupid!! Steph did a great job of taking these today, except we realised later the photos that were supposed to be of my orange and turquoise makeup were taken in black and white.

The minute my Mum came into my room this morning and told me she'd washed this skirt, I knew I'd end up wearing it again. I know, I know, I feel as though I live in this skirt, but I absolutely love it. I never knew something orange would fit so perfectly into my wardrobe, but now I can't imagine life without it. I seem to have a lot of oranges in my 30 for 30 mix. It's funny how current trends affect us, even if we don't intend them to. I would never have considered myself an "orange" person, but now the colour is trendy again, I seem to find myself attracted to orange pieces. I'd love to get into trend forecasting- I bet it's fascinating to look at the psychology of culture and the decisions that we perceive as our own being planned months ahead by people sat in an office,

I'm not sure how well you can see my makeup on these pictures. It's a turquoise lid with an orange crease. I lovelovelove the combination of orange and turquoise at the moment and yesterday saw an advert for a Rimmel eyeshadow quad (which I bought, but didn't use for this look) and loved the look of a brightly coloured eye with gorgeous complimentary colours. This was a Loreal orange duo (which I have been obsessed with ever since I bought) with an Urban Decay turquoise and a little bit of Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy Rides Again as a highlighter.

a picture I took this morning on Instagram

Today has been really fun. I got up and wrote some articles (as usual!) and replied to some emails. The Steph came to get me for lunch and we had a lovely time drinking Coke floats and eating goat's cheese and roasted vegetable sandwiches, then we came home, drunk A LOT of tea and watched Come Dine With Me. I'm really going to miss her this Summer. She lives in the town over from me so we normally see each other a lot over the holidays but she has a job in Birmingham now so she'll be down there for the Summer. But luckily I'll get to see more of her when I get back to uni in Brum :]]

blouse- forever 21
skirt- urban outfitters
ballet flats- H&M

Well, I don't have anything interesting to report now!! I was hoping work might call me today to see if I could go in and do an early 6am shift tomorrow and Friday but alas, no phonecall. I've had fun the past few days but I'm probably going to be bored now until the weekend. I like working purely because it keeps me busy and makes me appreciate my free time so much more, but saying that, I'm sure I'll find something to do. In fact, a nice lie-in wouldn't go amiss. I'm working all weekend and I haven't slept too well the last few nights, so I'd like a little extra sleep. I wake up every.single.morning at around 4am and it's always just after Erick has messaged me and gone to bed. My iPhone is always on silent, so it isn't that the message coming through wakes me up. It's like I subconsciously know when he's going to bed. Cute and romantic, yes. Annoying, well, yes.

Have a lovely evening!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. That shirt is GORGEOUS! I want one. And also, trend forecasting does look dead good, we had to do it at uni, its well interesting.

  2. I love the eyeshadow colours. I wish I had more colour options but good makeup is not something I know how to pick and I don't like the idea of buying an expensive brand at random.

  3. Pretty outfit lady, the blouse looks fab with that skirt!

    L x

  4. I love this outfit, the blouse is great, such a great pattern and collar! I hate when my tights end up doing that, haha.
    Btw I love the way you did your makeup, you're very adventurous with it and it looks so great :)

  5. If I had the skirt and the blouse you're wearing, I'd want to wear them a lot too! They're both such cute pieces and look great together.

  6. Lovely ! I'm a fan of pink with red, but the black tights are making the outfit pop ! Love it !

    My Blog - A Pretty Nest

  7. such a sweet combo, love the shades together

  8. I love this outfit. I also think its really difficult to take photos yourself, must be nice having someone to help out. Know what you mean about the trends thing, I'm all over coral like a rash right now and I never thought I'd be. xxx

  9. i love how you can be edgy and yet totally rock such a dainty top! pretty!

  10. what a ton of fun these photos are. I love your blouse!!! so cute. good job on the cute make-up.

  11. hi. my 1st time on your blog. Love the top, so romantic and vintage=)

  12. this is nice photo's i love it.. ;)


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