I was stuck in a bit of a rut with today. It was my cousin's First Communion but I didn't want to miss another day of 30 for 30 so I thought I'd improvise. My knees are still a wreck so I decided to be creative with bright tights. I used to love bright tights when I was younger but I've gone off them a lot in the last few years. I like them with this dress though- there's some turquoise in the dress I really wanted to bring out. I experimented with mustard tights too but liked the turquoise better.

I actually didn't really think it through when I decided to do 30 for 30. With work and everything, I can only do a couple of outfit shots a week, so it's taking much longer than I expected and I'm getting frustrated. I also didn't consider work experience. I'm on work experience the week after next and I'm guessing I'll need to dress "business casual". I have no idea how to dress business casual. I don't even know if I own the pieces to great an outfit that would satisfy this idea. I don't own many knee length skirts and I only have one pair of smart trousers. Any advice for internship dressing?

I've had a pretty boring weekend really, but it's not been too bad. Yesterday I worked 12-10pm, which was an insanely long day and I was exhausted when I got home. But I'd made plans to Skype my lovely boyfriend and we had a wonderful chat for an hour and a half. It's been a long and emotional week so it was just nice to chat with him and catch up. It really cheered me up. My Dad had warned me beforehand not to get upset if we didn't have loads to talk about, which happens sometimes and it's something I worry about in a long distance relationship, but we ended up talking non-stop!! Erick has definitely dealt with more than he deserved this week with me having such a long week, but he's been strong for me, like he always is. I don't appreciate him half as much as I should sometimes, but he is wonderful, I'm not sure how he puts up with me sometimes!!

Today I had my cousin's First Communion so I got to see all my family and catch up with them. Unfortunately, my Grandad is in hospital at the moment and I got a bit upset in church that he couldn't be there, but I'm hoping to go visit him tomorrow. I'm hoping he'll be out of hospital really soon. This afternoon we came home and I tried to go for a run. Turns out, that was stupid- I am definitely not well enough yet after my accident to be running. My chest is still really sore and kills when I take deep breaths so I should've known better. I decided just to go for a walk instead. I'm a bit paranoid about not being able to work out, but I'm not a huge fan of running anyway, so I'm going to stick to walking, rebounding and maybe some swimming til I feel better.

dress- modcloth
shoes- blowfish

That's all from me for today. Don't forget, let me know if you're interested in sponsoring my blog for July!!
Hope you had a wonderful weekend!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. This dress is lovely.
    Sorry to hear about your grandpa, glad you'll get a chance to visit him though.
    I've worked in a few 'business casual' it can mean a lot of different things. Go a little bit more conservative the first couple days, just to get an idea of what others are wearing. Good luck with the new job though!

  2. Love the tights with this dress. Very unique and stylish. Hope your grandpa gets well soon.

  3. Those tights totally make this outfit!! It's just the perfect pairing.

    Hope both you AND your grandfather are feeling back to normal soon!

  4. love your dress!

  5. If you have a really minimal professional wardrobe, here's some advice. Invest in a neutral skirt you LOVE. And really, you better LOVE that skirt, in capitals and everything, because it will be your best friend and you will wear it a lot. It's like the foundation for your work attire and you build up from that. I also take a lot of my non-appropriate items like dresses or tank tops, and make them acceptable by wearing a long sleeved shirt underneath or a cardigan over top etc. Don't be afraid of colour or patterns though. So long as you're not flashing too much leg or cleavage (unless it's a super strict workplace) you should be aces!

  6. only you can pull off turquoise and red make it look so natural. you use color so well!

  7. You have a really great sense of fashion. I am currently working from home selling import and export goods online, mostly shoes and clothes. What is the current trend nowadays?


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