The devil is in the details

Mmm, don't really like this outfit. This coral top looks great tucked into a skirt or shorts, but with jeans it makes me look like a large, human tent. Which is not a good look. I am definitely not the right shape to pull of loose, baggy layers. Unfortunately, it was boiling here today and (still!!) bruised knees and limited 30 for 30 options had me stuck in a bit of a rut. These cropped jeans are the only thing in my arsenal that cover my knees without needing tights, and I needed a lightweight top to avoid over-heating. I thought about tucking it in like in this post, but it just looked weird. But hey, it kept me cool, if huge-looking all day!!

coral top- Topshop
cropped jeans- New Look
flats- Wet Seal
hat- H&M

I've mentioned before my total inability to wear jeans and today was no exception. I just don't really suit jeans. It's not even about jeans being casual or not my style- I just can't really pull them off!! I see so many girls looking fabulous in jeans and I wish I could look good in them, but they just cling to my thighs (not my favourite body part) and generally make me look a lot more bottom-heavy than I would like. Maybe I haven't found the right pair yet? Who knows. I am much more comfortable, and feel much better in a skirt or a dress, or even shorts. However, Erick loved it when I did my jeans challenge back in February. He loves me in jeans because he likes me to look a little more casual. When I told him about the woman who let her boyfriend dress her for a week his response was "I'd probably just have you in a bikini. Or sweatpants and a hoodie." Men, eh?

 I borrowed stole this necklace off my Mum this morning. She doesn't even know about it yet. That's sneaky stealing, that is. I thought that coral and turquoise would be a really great combination and my Mum has an insane amount of jewellery. Yesterday, I went hunting for a brown necklace and she opened two more drawers of jewellery I did not know existed!! There are some perks to being home.

Today has been pretty boring. I went for a walk to a vintage shop that's just opened. Half an hour later, I find out it's closed on a Monday. Damn. So I walk all the way home. The hat here was actually as much about protecting myself from the heat as an accessory. However, I have big stupid headphones so I had to keep balancing it on my head over them!! I spent the afternoon getting some articles finished and taking pictures. Yep, my life is dead exciting. But hey, I'm happy :]]

Have a great Monday!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. Charlotte,

    I love this outfit. It feels so casual yet the details (hat/necklace) make you look put together and ready for a fun day of shopping or an amusement park. Maybe a belt/silk scarf around the top would add the shape you desire (totally rocking that look myself today). Anyways - I actually think this looks great! :)

  2. I totally disagree - I don't think the shirt looks baggy on you at all or the jeans at all wrong. You look easy-breezy and summery - very relaxed but still stylish. I think this outfit is great and looks great on you! The accessories really make it too.

  3. Yeah you look adorable. The color combo really suits you and the hat is super cute.
    I like the rolled pant legs too I think they make your legs look pretty nice actually.

  4. I'm loving the outfit! I love the teal against the pink! and I have to agree its very summery and stylish!

  5. I love the coral against the turquoise! You don't look huge in that top (much less anything)! I know you're anti jeans, but I think you look nice in them!


  6. I think you look hot. You have this tiny little waist that even stays totally super visible when wearing a loose fitting top, and the jeans are so cute cropped! the hat gives it a bit of androgyny and the necklace adds elegance. Don't be silly, you're a babe :)

  7. Coral and turquoise literally always looks good together! <3

  8. I think this looks stunning on you! I feel the blousy/lossy-ness of the shirt accentuates how TINY your waist is! The jeans hug your curves wonderfully and overall, I LOVE how this looks! It is conservative and casual sexy!

  9. i'm sort of in love with your color combos, seriously. you are rocking that hat and necklace!

  10. i like it, the colours are excellent

  11. You don't look huge at all, shush! It has a lovely drape. Glad you're happy :)

  12. don't be so hard on yourself, you look fabulous!

  13. You've been tagged! Stylish Blogger Award. See post for details...


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