Day One.

In case you haven't been paying attention (shame on you!!), I am taking on the 30 for 30 challenge starting today. Yesterday I announced my 30 items and today was the first day of the challenge. Obviously, day one was pretty easy. In fact, I think the whole first week will be pretty easy, but it will be towards midway that it'll start getting difficult. However, I am already an obsessive outfit list-writer (as soon as an outfit comes to mind I have to write it down, unfortunately they often come to me just before I'm about to go sleep, so I have to decide between rolling over and writing it down or sleeping and potentially forgetting my genius idea the next day) and I've already planned 27 outfits I can make with my pieces, and that was without including my dresses, so I should be okay.

It was weird taking my own photos again. I haven't taken my own photos for over a month now!! It's very weird being back home but I am getting used to it. And I'm getting used to not seeing Erick. I mean, it's hard, of course, but we speak as much as we can. We skyped last night and we send facebook messages throughout the day. The time difference makes things difficult though, but I always message him before bed and wake up with a message from him, and then when I reply, he wakes up to one too. We're kinda working out a system where we manage to send two or three messages a day so I always look forward to hearing from him and messaging him back. I have an iPhone too now (yay!!) which makes it easier to stay in touch all the time too. He gave me the most lovely card when I left and got me a photo frame with a photo of us in Chicago in it (weirdly enough, the exact same present I got him- the same photo and everything!!) so I have something lovely to read and something to look at to remind me how much he loves me.

Today was really fun. Mum and got up and went to John Lewis this morning because my external flash wouldn't work. Turned out I had been putting it on backwards. Epic. Fail. And I also got a new point and shoot as mine went swimming in a drink a few weeks ago and didn't recover too well. Then we went into Manchester. I didn't really buy anything super-interesting; a few tank tops and cardigans and some speakers for my iPhone and a case for it. But we went for lunch/dinner at the Red Hot Buffet which was amazing. They had over 300 different dishes!! They had Indian and Chinese and Sushi and Italian and Mexican and all different salads and loads of ice cream and desserts. Here's what I had for dessert...

It was really yummy. I had lots of salad and sushi and about 5 different types of curry. I will definitely be taking Erick there when he comes over!! He would love it!!

striped top- primark
orange skirt- urban outfitters
black shoes- H&M
leather jacket- H&M
ring- forever 21
lipstick- Revlon in Siren

I'm pretty excited for this week. Thursday is GradBall at Birmingham so I'm going down on Wednesday to celebrate with my friends. I'm wearing the Modcloth It's Fantastic! Dress and was going to get new shoes today, but I found out this morning that it goes perfect with my nude peep toe shoes and a bag of my Mum's. I'm also going to be wearing my Minnesota necklace that Erick got me..

Anyway, onto the outfit. I'm really glad I decided to include my leather jacket at the last minute, because as I said yesterday, the weather hasn't quite been what I expected since I got back!! This was an easy outfit to throw together. Everything goes with this skirt, so I'll probably be wearing it a lot when I get uninspired during the challenge. I decided to add some orange lipstick too because I hadn't actually worn this colour yet despite buying it months ago!!

Let me know what you think of my first outfit!! I'm really excited for this challenge. I sometimes find my wardrobe a little overwhelming so this is a great way to feel a little more controlled. It's nice not to have to open my wardrobe every morning, but just to look at my nice little pile of 30 for 30 things!!

Hope you've had a wonderful Monday!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. Love your outfit! Red and stripes is always a good combination :)

  2. You did great for the first outfit! Love you in red. And good luck- I know how hard distance can be- my boyfriend texted me today and was like I feel like I never get to talk to you anymore and it made me feel so sad. Neither of us are good at setting a schedule so it's hard- it's good you guys are getting a system down!

  3. Ahh good luck with your challenge! Like your jacket.

  4. Perfect first day outfit!! I love the striped top with this colour skirt. Sooo great.
    It's good to hear you guy's are working out a system to keep in contact. So cute

  5. Your first outfit is fierce! And those pictures are great, taking your own pic can be so challenging but you are doing well. I hope you and your lover get to see each other soon :)


  6. How have I lived in Manchester for 3 years and I've never even heard of this buffet, let alone been there! & then I hear about when I'm moving away from Manc forever in 4 days!! Boohoo!
    I'm sorry to hear its hard being away from Erick, but great that you're working out a way to talk alot :-) hang tight! How cute are you two getting each other the same pressie!
    I'm gona love this challenge btw, this outfit is v.cute and classic!
    ooh & i love your dress for gradball!

  7. the first half will probably be a breeze but i think the second half would be a major struggle, trying not to repeat the same thing etc. ugh!! gorgeous of course ;) love the red skirt

  8. Great first outfit! You're so right about it being easy at first, I'm terrified of hitting day 15 and knowing that its only halfway over! I think I'll start jotting down ideas like you said! And that's hilarious about deciding between rolling over and jotting down an idea, I do that all the time!

  9. I think you did great! Wow, and you have already 27 outfits ready (in your head that is)???? I just plan the week...uhmmmm.Ok, about the outfit. I like the fact that it's kinda French chic with an edge, you know, the stripes and red color and the leather jacket. Love it. Looking forward to your next remixes.

  10. Leather jackets are awesome, I love mine to bits, too bad it's too warm to wear it right now.

  11. I love this skirt, it's really great!x

  12. The pearl necklace is so great, really love it!

  13. I love this outfit, Charlotte! You look great, and it really suits you :) Also that's really funny that you guys got each other the same thing. Sounds like a perfect match.

    xo Sarah

  14. Great first outfit! As a Minnesotan, I can't help but to smile at the necklace.

    I notice that you are/were studying in Duluth. Hope Duluth is treating (or treated) you well! It was where I studied too. :)

  15. yay for you doing the 30 challenge! love this look, it's so sassy and cute without looking overly thought out or done up (which is funny now that I read that you planned out 27 outfits : ) that is too crazy you got each other the same present, so cute! hang in there, I know long distance is def tough!


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