Third Time's a Charm

Sorry I've been totally MIA the last few days. I was down in Birmingham Wednesday-Friday visiting my friends and attending their Gradball (pictures and stories to come :]]) and then today I got a call asking me to come into work so I've not had a minute to update yet. I'm also super-behind on 30 for 30. Today was meant to be Day 4, but getting called into work meant that I just threw on jeans and converse before work and then I've been in my uniform all day.

 My dad is sat next to me and just went "God, you haven't updated your blog since Tuesday!!", I'm like "I know!!" Anyway, these photos are from Wednesday, which was Day Three. 30 for 30 is definitely going to take me way longer than 30 days!! It's going to get so annoying when I want to wear something new though. I'm hoping to get back into the swing next week, even if I have to get dressed for work and come home and get changed afterwards, or get dressed in the morning and then take photos before work!!

skirt- vintage
top- H&M
shoes- H&M
leather jacket- H&M

This skirt was my bargain in Chicago. We were walking through the vintage shopping area and I saw a sign that said "Vintage sale today" and I had to drag Erick in. I fell in love with this skirt straight away and it was only $10, but originally walked away. Then about 20 minutes later I said to Erick "I need to go back and look at that skirt!!" I asked to try it on and was told to walk through another room, through what looked like a photoshoot, to a tiny room with a mirror. I wasn't sure it would fit because the label said it was a size 2, but it did, and was a bit too big!! Definitely super-huge sizes wherever it was from!! For $10 I couldn't resist, and I'm glad I included it in my 30 for 30 now. However, I think it would look much better with heels, but I only included one pair in my 30 items. Dang.

I'm working tomorrow but only til 1 so I'm going to come home and shower and get Day 4 sorted!! I will also tell you all about the ball tomorrow too. Phew, lots to do!!
Hope you're having a lovely weekend!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. Love this outfit lady! The skirt is gorgeous!!! :)

    L x

  2. i love the leather and leopard!
    and your dad is adorable reminding you to update haha.

  3. leather jackets were made for you, honey. you look amazing, very stylish but with an edge :) i really want to do a 30 for 30 challenge too but I'm too chickenshit and too lazy ! :D

  4. This went through my head upon seeing the first photo: "Hell yeah! Leopard and leather!" I actually really like this with flats, the skirt has enough oomph in it to cary it along.


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