It's not like I was lost for a purpose

I can't be the only blogger who wears something all day, feels unsure about it somewhat, and then right before they taken photos they decide to complete change the outfit. About half an hour ago I was wearing a denim jacket and rust knee socks. In my head, this had worked just great, in reality there just wasn't enough brown in the top half of my outfit to tie it in. So I swapped into black tights (my knees still look like they've been smashed with a hammer) and a leather jacket, but I'm still not wild about this outfit. I feel like it's just a bit too...simple.

I had to be surgically removed from my orange skirt this morning. I just love it. I would never have thought I would get so much wear from an orange skirt. I am really bad at avoiding buying "trendy" pieces. I love orange right now but I'm sure I won't feel the same way about it this time next year!! The rust-coloured tights and brown shoes combination I initially wore this morning would have looked great with my orange skirt, but after 7 days of 30 for 30, I've already worn it 3 times so I really need to play with the other pieces I included in my items!! Plus, it really needs a wash and an iron!!

Wish I had more interesting things to report, but today has been a pretty laid back day of writing and sorting things out. I would like to say congratulations to all my friends who got their degree results today!! They all did amazingly well and I am so proud of them!! It kinda puts me on edge for my results next year. Two of my friends got Firsts and it's kinda inspired me to work really hard next year because it is possible. My friend Mike wrote a book last year called How to Get a First and sent me a free copy, so I've been reading that today to inspire me. His book is great. It's not a miracle cure, but it's all about time management (or task management) and inspiring advice.

I really, really miss America today and I don't know why. Two weeks back at home and I'm finally realising that this is it. I'm home for good. I miss my friends, I miss my life and I miss my boyfriend. It's awful. I just feel so lost and restless and confused. The stress of sorting out how I'm going to get to work without a car is really   building too. I work 45 minutes away in the car, so getting there by public transport is tricky and is going to take much, much longer than it would normally. But I know, I know, I'm alive. My accident could have been so much work. This is merely an inconvenience. But it's hard. It's hard when it's just another reason why I was back in America. Back in a city where I didn't need a car to get around. Back where if I needed to go anywhere, my amazing boyfriend would always take me. Back where I had a life and friends and love and didn't feel so lost and confused and alone. Oh I know I shouldn't be moaning, and I'm done so well so far, but sometimes it just comes over me like a huge wave and I just want to cry. But I've learnt by now that crying doesn't help at all.

skirt- H&M
top- New Look
shoes- Blowfish
leather jacket- H&M

I'm working all day tomorrow (12-10pm, urgh!!) and Sunday I have my cousin's First Communion, but I'll try to update on Sunday evening. Have a wonderful weekend!!

Charlotte xxx


  1. Crying might not help to change the situations, but it certainly helps by letting those emotions out! Trust me, I bottled up confusion, fear, worry, loneliness, jealousy, sadness and so many other negative emotions for way too long when I should have just been letting myself cry. Sure it sucks after when you're all snot nosed and sniffly and raccoon-eyed from runny mascara, but you'll probably feel a little better inside.

    When I was 18 and in college, my summer job was across the city. I left the house at about 6:50am and got home about 5:30pm, five days a week, and spent over an hour on public transit going just one way. Or when I was 20 and there was a bus strike for 2 months over winter, so I was walking 4+ km's during -30'C (and colder with wind) temperatures just to get to work.

    I know things are rough now, and it may be a bit difficult to keep your head up. But as much of a cliche as it is, things do get better, time heals all wounds and in time everything will be good again. *hug*

  2. Hahahaha I do that all the time! I'll change an outfit like five times before I actually take a picture. Love the skirt and shoes!
    Love & Labels

  3. Yay for Blowfish platforms! I love those shoes so much.

    I hope you can come back to the states again soon. I'm sure America misses you very much.

  4. This outfit is really pretty on you! I love these colours, the floral top is great and looks great with the hot pink skirt. And I am always so jealous of your awesome leather jacket.
    Lifes going to be an adjustment, there'll be good days and there'll be bad ones!! Its okay dear, you're doing amazing

  5. 'm totally okay with you outfit changing just because you must know what feels best and this looks totally rad ;) i heart the jacket and the colorful skirt. you are rocking this!

  6. Ha ha, I change my outfits all the time! Love this one on you, you look fabulous! x

  7. The pink skirt is awesome Charlotte. You know, I have one the same that I DIY'ed a few months ago! You look good and I love the leather jacket



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